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  1. NatalieB

    Turkey wings??

    So I am new to turkeys and I got my self a couple beauties! I cut their wings so they cant fly away to get used to their surrounding. Doing very well I must say. So about how long will it take for them to grow back and should I bother to cut them again? I just don't want them sitting on my...
  2. NatalieB

    Breed and sex please!!!

    I bought the variety pack from Gabbard Farms----now I have a ton of chicks and they all look the same! 4 weeks old. I am supposed to have: BLRW Pumpkin Hulsey GLW Australorp BCM Welsummer Partridgr Penedesenca EE Blue Andalusian Please Help!
  3. NatalieB

    Lav/blue Orpington Roo, Golden Lakenvelder Roo, Barred Rock Roo FREE!!

    I have 3 Roo's born Dec 3, 2009---- Blue/ Lavendar Orpington Roo-- He has 98% white shafts and a few black--think that makes him a slpit --I am not too good with trait stuff. Really sweet handled by my small kids. He is going to be huge. I hatched him and got the eggs from Gabbard Farms...
  4. NatalieB

    2 more! Hen or Roo?

    OK here goes! The first is a blue hamburg--very small and sweet The second is a Golden Lakenvelder THANK YOU!!!!!
  5. NatalieB

    Pullets or Roos?? <fingers crossed!>

    Ok let me know your thoughts on these birds! #1 Is a silver spangled hamburg 5 weeks old #2 is a buff orpington 5 weeks old #3 Barred Rock---one dark one light which is which?? #4 Blue orpington 5 weeks Thanks!! Let me know!!!
  6. NatalieB

    Kindergarten Incubation underway!

    So to pawn off my obsession I "offered" to do a hatch in my daughters class. LOL I was talking to to them about what to look for when it comes close to hatching. I thought I would make a poster board for them of pips and zips. Anyone have some great pictures? I would love to post them in her...
  7. NatalieB

    WTB-NPIP Welsummer eggs

    I would like some welsummers.......I am willing to wait if you need to collect or wait for the girls to lay(would prefer to ship next week). I would like a dozen please. I can pay by paypal.
  8. NatalieB

    Day pips! (PICS POSTED!)

    I can hear them in there!!! When do I intervene? I am worried they wont come out on their own. It is killing me to not rip that shell off!!! Please advise me.......!! LOL Please!
  9. NatalieB

    WTB- Golden Cuckoo Maran Eggs

    I would love some of these eggs. I have some other eggs being shipped out Thurs. If possible could you ship them Thurs as well? I can pay through paypal, and ship to Mass. Let me know! Thank you!
  10. NatalieB

    The truth about eggs?

    Not too sure if this is the place to put it.......feel free to move it if need be....... I just logged onto aol to check my mail and the headline was the truth about eggs you may not like. Says there is a graphic video, I don't do graphic videos, about how male baby chicks are killed and the...
  11. NatalieB

    2 EE Roos for free to good home in MA

    I have 2 super sweet roos, still young not crowing yet, to good home. They are still with their surrogate mother a sweet silkie. Please take them, they will be beautiful.......give them a couple more months. Let me know if you are interested! just have tooooo many roos!
  12. NatalieB

    My first incubator!

    So I told myself I would never hatch chicks.........well its true never say never! I am dying to hatch some marans so I am going to try my luck. I have NO idea what I am doing, but I guess everyone needs to start somewhere! I got a hoverbator with egg turner and I guess I have some serious...
  13. NatalieB

    LOVE EM! Now what the heck are they?

    This is a small roo named pecky........nice yellow feet. The woman I got him from told me what he was but I forget!! This is Ethel, large single comb, flesh/almost whitish feet. I want to get more of her, such a sweet bird. She has like a boufant on her low back, small comb, super soft...
  14. NatalieB

    My First Dog ATTACK! Help I am a NEWBIE!

    Hi my Isa Brown about a year old was attacked by my dog. Not sure why, I didn't witness it. She has puncture marks on the back of her neck from teeth. Under her wing and her breast her skin is gone but no punctures into the muscle was noted. She is exhausted but will not eat or drink for me. I...
  15. NatalieB

    Feather issues.........

    Hi, I have 2 Isa Browns about a year old super sweet, healthy and very active. My only issue is that the look like they are molting all the time. It is mostly on the inside of their necks. Where the feathers are supposed to come out is a tad reddened. All my birds get along well. If anything...
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