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  1. HarmonyFox

    6 of my birds died

    This is more of a venting post so if I need to move it I will. I just wasn't sure where to put it. This past month I've been pretty busy helping take care of my grandmaw who broke her shoulder so I haven't had time to sit in my coop cod hold my birds like usual. Well the day before yesterday I...
  2. HarmonyFox

    What breed of bantams are these?

    I got my boyfriend two bantam chicks along with some amercaunas for myself and would love to know what I actually got him lol. He's very happy :love
  3. HarmonyFox

    Did my turkey die from blackhead?

    I just want to know if it could be something else. My favorite turkey died last night. Her name was Petrie from the land before time because when she was a baby I thought she looked like Petrie. She ment a lot to me. More than I thought actually because I can't stop crying......but I have three...
  4. HarmonyFox

    Chicken poopy butt

    I don't think my hen is ok. I felt for a stuck egg and there isn't one. What could be up? She's actually still laying eggs I think.
  5. HarmonyFox

    How to mentally prepare for butchering?

    ***This is a genuine question. Please no useless comments saying "man up"*** I've never killed anything. I don't like the thought of me killing things either. Blood and stuff doesn't gross me out though and I've helped my friend gut one of his own roosters but I showed up to his house after he...
  6. HarmonyFox

    Guinea keet with umbilical cord hanging out?

    So this keet hatched with the cord wrapped around it's body and I ended up having to cut it because it started to suffocating it. I cut it and it bled a bit but it's ok now. The only problem is that it looks so different than the umbilical cord I've seen before on chicks so I just want to make...
  7. HarmonyFox

    Is vent sexing muscovy harder than vent sexing regular ducks?

    So I think I finally got vent sexing down. I realised how I was doing it wrong which was not spreading the vent just right therefore the majority of penises weren't visible. Well now that I figured that out I've been sexing regular ducklings and usually getting around 50/50 boy/girl and I've...
  8. HarmonyFox

    Chicken laying eggs with bubbly air cells

    I keep finding eggs with bubbly air cells. I think only two chickens are doing it. The eggs feel more fragile and some have blister looking places on the eggs that are thinner and they have calcium deposits on them. Has anyone else had this problem?
  9. HarmonyFox

    7 week old chicks beak looks damaged

    So I was sitting with my birds in the brooder and noticed one of the roosters bead doesn't close fully. It's super minute but after further inspection I'm pretty positive he has the slightest crossbeak he can possibly have. I couldn't get a good picture of the crossbeak sadly but you can at...
  10. HarmonyFox

    Duckling with crusty cracked/bleeding cloaca

    So I got a few Muscovy ducklings yesterday. I was super excited because she said I could try to sex them when I got there. I've vent sexed ducklings many times. I don't squeeze them and while I'm slow at it I can do it sucessfully without hurting them and usually get somewhere close to 50/50 but...
  11. HarmonyFox

    Muscovy ducklings color?

    I was wondering if these muscovy are chocolate or like a buff or something. They're lighter than my chocolate sexlinked duckling so that's why I ask.
  12. HarmonyFox

    Blind duckling

    So my duckling just hatched out with what look like cataracts on her eyes. I had multiple guinea eggs, two chicken eggs, and two duck eggs in the incubator. The guineas all died (they were my guineas first eggs and the eggs were too small) but I was super happy everyone else seemed to be...
  13. HarmonyFox

    Sexlinked genes?

    Can anyone explain sexlinked genes to me? I do know it has to do with brown and black. I have a male Khaki Campbell and a female black runner would I be able to tell the sex of their ducklings? If not which ducks would I need to breed together to get ducklings that are sexable by color? I also...
  14. HarmonyFox

    How to get a guinea to love you

    ***disclaimer: this is about some special needs keets I just hatched. Knowing that if your only recommendation is to cull I would prefer if you ignored this.*** So my guinea layed her first ever batch of eggs at 5 months old and started sitting on them. I tried to move her out of my field to a...
  15. HarmonyFox

    Genes that would make a chick have spots?

    I know this might be a hard question but I just hatched out two of my own chickens eggs. One is yellow with three black spots on it's head and one feint black spot on it's back. I'm curious to know if anyone could help me figure out the father or if I'll have to wait until it's older. I had a...
  16. HarmonyFox

    How to sex muscovy

    So I need to buy some muscovy girls. I found a guy super close to me and he charges $20 for young muscovy and $35 for adults. I realise that's probably a good price but I'd like to save some money because I don't have a lot to spare atm. I know eventually they're different sizes because of my...
  17. HarmonyFox

    What color are these keets?

    I just got some keets and he told me the colors but I've forgotten which is which so if anyone could be of some help that would be wonderful. So one of the white ones actually has blonde wing tips (not just dirt lol) and the other two are fully white and just have dirt on them.
  18. HarmonyFox

    What type of ducklings are these?

    So I saw this picture on Facebook. It's from last year and is labeled muscovy ducklings but I've never seen a white duckling ever so I was just wondering if they are muscovy ducklings or if not what kind of ducklings are they??? They're so precious! I want some
  19. HarmonyFox

    What are Tetra chickens exactly?

    What are Tetra chickens and how many subtypes are there? I have a chick I got from the assorted tetra tub at tractor supply and I assumed it was a tint because it has white and brown feathers but I didn't see anything about them being large. She's with 2 turkeys and she seems to be on track with...
  20. HarmonyFox

    Tiny gnats in my duckling brooder.

    So I hatches out muscovy ducklings the 14th. Just now when I cleaned it (I clean it every day) I found a hord of tiny pin sized gnats hanging out. They're so small I don't think I could see if they did lay eggs. Its freaking me out though because not everyone's umbilical stump has healed yet and...
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