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  1. midget_farms

    Thermostat question

    wow - technology has gotten a LOT cheaper since I built my last incubator!!! I bought the controller you listed above & its working great! I'm going to run it a few days & make sure it keeps a stable temp & see what it will do for humidity. Thank you for the suggestion! $16
  2. midget_farms

    Thermostat question

    I've been away from BYC for a long time - but over this Christmas break I decided to build a new incubator. This is my first try with a water heater thermostat - super simple - got it kicking on & off but it seems the range in temp is huge - it will kick off at 100* but kicks on at around...
  3. midget_farms

    How many toes should my chicken have?

    Silkier often have 5,6 or 7 toes. Not sure why but it doesn't seem to bother them.
  4. midget_farms

    Free range with a swimming pool

    they will avoid the pool if they can - they are not ducks & will sink like a rock if they fall in. You can free range in the woods - I do - they spend all day in the woods at my house when it's really hot out. The thing is the raccoons come out at night, opossum too - so make sure to lock them...
  5. midget_farms


    I use the pullet-shut door from Let me tell you this guy is FANTASTIC! I had a problem where my door kept resetting & losing the open/close times. It was driving me crazy. He actually called me & while on the phone with me had me run a series of tests - it turned out I had a...
  6. midget_farms

    Is it safe to put a brooding lamp in the coop?

    they are plenty old now to not need a light - even if it gets cold at night. As for winter - consider that wild birds live just fine all winter - Feathers are the worlds greatest insulator! What you do to protect them in the winter is make sure the coop is tight enough to keep the wind off...
  7. midget_farms

    Coop design - ventilation - open air - cold climate

    for 9 hens you need the enclosed portion of the coop to be no smaller than 4x6 - in winter they wont go outside & they need the space so they don't get on each others nerves 7 end up fighting. you should have no trouble with that - just make sure you can close the part where they sleep & the...
  8. midget_farms

    need help designing a coop

    Sky is the limit! or your budget is - I've seen people use bales of straw for a coop - or an old school bus! For me personally - I bought a store bought shed - less expensive than building one though not as nice (but heck its going to be covered in chicken poop - how nice does it need to...
  9. midget_farms

    Chicken Coop

    Lock them inside the coop for 2 or 3 days - this resets their idea of "home". The light is a good idea - I doubt the coop color bugs 'em at all. The thing with chickens is this - the brain is about the size of a pea - so they dont have the capacity to deal with change - the little brain gets...
  10. midget_farms

    Sevin Dust

    Since you are new to this - you want to worm the chickens 2x per year as well. Add a few tablespoons of wormer to their water & dont eat the eggs for a week
  11. midget_farms

    Help with broody hens

    The danger is the other hens will chase her off the eggs when they wedge in there with her. My broody keeps switching to a different box. Most people try to separate the broody & chicks from the rest but some dont. It's best If they get their own quiet place in til the chicks are a few weeks old
  12. midget_farms

    COLD - UGH

    I locked them down this morning - my incubator is home made and I use a variable voltage charger as the 12 volt power source to the thermostat. Well 8am this morning I decided to clock down the computer fan & locked the incubator down. I dropped the voltage on the charger from 12 volts to 6...
  13. midget_farms

    Hatching advice please

    She will hatch them no problem. If she accepted them as her chicks you can move them too. I prefer to move birds well after dark. They tend not to notice things that happen while they are asleep
  14. midget_farms

    First hatch, a million questions

    Getting good advice here - Couple things you need to know - 1) never (almost) help a chick hatch - it will make it out or it wont - but if you help it can cause more problems than you want. For example - the chick gets its oxygen through the umbilicle attached to the membrane - the pip is...
  15. midget_farms

    Hatching advice please

    So that is an interesting question - Momma will hatch any egg you sit under her - but I dont know about her raising critters of another species. Anyone know if a chicken will raise a duck? I've never tried that.
  16. midget_farms

    Hatching advice please

    so to be clear - you have a broody duck sitting on the eggs, they are not in an incubator. There is nothing for you to do at all - just leave them alone. They will hatch or they wont - not much you can do but upset the mother by messing with her chicks / eggs. I'm told that ducks &...
  17. midget_farms

    Best supplier for Marek's vaccine?

    do you need to vaccinate them? Is there a problem with Marek's in your area? I think most people don't vaccinate unless buying from a large breeder or they have a known problem on their farm.
  18. midget_farms

    Advice needed

    Humidity is relative to air flow - is your incubator totally sealed with little air flow? or are there vents that are open? Really - low or high humidity for a day or two shouldn't harm anything - remember the hen gets up at least 1x per day & humidity drops to ambient when she does that - so...
  19. midget_farms

    help...first time sooo confused

    There are suggestions - but honestly - the momma hen doesn't read the instructions & can't tell 1 egg from another - so there is no "wrong" way to turn them. Ideally you want to turn them over 3 x per day - some people put an x on one side & a O on the other - that way they know all the eggs...
  20. midget_farms


    Not sure about anyone else's home made bators - but on mine - the glass fogs up during lock down when the humidity goes way up. If I cover it with cloth - it doesn't fog - Can you do double glazed? Thoughts?
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