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    Feeding 11 babies various ages. Help 😩

    They were removing an asbestos roof from a building in town and there were a bunch of baby wild pigeons Two options are euthanasia so they don’t starve or I feed. 🤷‍♀️ I did feed one years ago for about a week till mum and dad got the idea (fancy breed they don’t normally let raise own young)...
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    Help needed with a sick goose for a novice

    Our animal rescue has ended up with a goose with an injured eye. I’m treating that with antibiotic ointment and anti inflammatory drops. I’ve never had a goose before. I keep chickens but I had a spare pen while we are treating it so she ended up with me. I don’t have easy access to grass for...
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    Can I keep males together if no females?

    I’ve just picked up two Male ten month old Muscovy ducks to foster till rehomed. As I picked up the guy mentioned for the first time they fight 🤦‍♀️ I’ve only got one house. Can’t seperate. I think they would have been quite stressed where they were. Would that be behind the fighting or can...
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    Can someone identify the breed of these guys?

    Hi weve just had these two 8 week old ducks surrendered to us and Im just wanting to check I advertise them as the correct thing. I think they may be muscovy ducks? Does that look right from the photo? Is there an easy way to sex them at this age?
  5. appps

    Anyone had good recovery with twisted head rabbit?

    our rabbit came down with twisted neck last week. Vet diagnosed parasite cause and he was put on medication. Have had a slight improvement, he can now stand away from wall without falling over and spinning to right himself but neck is still very much twisted and he couldn't be put back in his...
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    Isn't this great! Hensioners!

    Should be in every nursing home/retirement home!
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    Bit sad this morning. Think I'm going to have to put down our little fantail :-(

    I picked him up this morning and realised he has developed a large swelling on the knee and can no longer bend that leg at all :-(. He is quite disabled in the leg department anyway but was happy enough and it didn't seem to cause him any pain and got round quite well by flapping but now at 12...
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    Well so much for that. Tried putting two pairs in one aviary lasted a day

    Yesterday all was fine but this morning I put a bath in there and it all went pair shaped. The older male whose name funnily enough is grumpy Bob started attacking the other female who was in it first. She's disabled and can't get away easily and he got quite vicious. I took her and the bath...
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    What do you use as floor/bedding in your aviary?

    I've been given an aviary for my pigeons. It just sits on the ground and eventually will go in a different spot so no concrete floor. I'm wondering what to put on the ground. I was thinking a sort of deep litter sort of thing with wood shavings but it's exposed to the rain in a large area...
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    Is this a normal behaviour for pigeons?

    I have a young bird that was parent reared but was hand held a fair bit to check crop etc as parents took a week to work the whole feeding thing out. He will fly to me if I put my hand out and crawls to me (he's a bit disabled in the leg dept) every morning to be fed. He eats out of my hand...
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    Winter breeding, do you have to remove nest boxes?

    I'm babysitting the adult fantails again and have noticed the female in particular wants to spend all day in the box part of their house. We are heading into late autumn here. Is it normal for them just to hang out in there or should it be blocked off to discourage nesting behaviour this...
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    Building a pigeon aviary. Anything I should know when designing?

    We are thinking we will build something like this I don't plan to breed and have two birds and occasionally baby sit two others. It would be nice if I could keep them all together (not too worried about disease as they are all from the same original flock) I am very much still learning so...
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    How to prevent dirty bottom on pigeons?

    I have a female pigeon that seems to keep getting a big poop build up on her bottom. I have to give her a good bath to clean it all off. She did it a couple months back and have just noticed it's like it again. She is on pellet feed with a grain corn etc mix as a daily treat. Is there...
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    Hi. New to doves with one about to hatch

    Hi. I'm babysitting a pair of fantail doves and it looks like they are going to hatch one of their eggs. Didn't expect it as their tails aren't trimmed for breeding and their owner hasn't had any stay with an egg long enough to hatch it in the three years she has had them. She recently got a...
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    Is it true doves and chickens can share diseases?

    I was told they are very closely related so can share diseases? I was going to babysit some doves for a month but now wondering if that's a good bio security idea for my chickens? One of their doves recently died from some sort of bone infection in its leg.
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    Constant Script error on Pc

    I keep getting the following error on my pc when using the website Using safari. It is making posting from my pc almost impossible. Is this a site glitch or some sort of virus script it's talking about? Only comes up on this site. Clicking any of the option including don't show me again...
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    Fostering of chicks didn't work, now what?

    I have two chicks hatched in the incubator. I just tried to put them under my broody at night but couldn't quite get them to go under without a little light to see what I was doing so she saw them and pecked at them, then backed into a corner all puffed up and rolled the plastic egg she is...
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    Slipping day olds under broody, can I stagger them?

    I have two eggs and we are about half way through day 21. One hatched around 11pm last night, the other hasn't pipped yet but I've seen the egg wiggle. How long can I keep the first one in the incubator waiting for the second? My last hatch the only egg that hatched was day 25. If I have to...
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    Is there a way to block a user? Sick of seeing the spam

    So wondered if I can block the users posts from my feed so their posts don't show for me any more? It's something I've had the option of on other forums and handy if you get a rude or antagonistic poster. In this case I just want to not see their spam though. Know mods will eventually clean it...
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    Diary for my second shipped egg hatch due 8th oct 2015

    Well here we go again! Last year I tried hatching for the first time with eggs shipped from a breeder on the other side of the country. Hatch rate was one from the dozen I bought, three getting broken in transit. Hopefully this year I will have a better success rate and end up with a little...
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