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  1. Available Birds

    Available Birds

    Here are the Pullets I currently have available: March 26th hatch – 2 pullets One Orpington Roo over EE hens and one Orpington Roo over Cochin hen Orpee Orpchin - this pullet is laying and is very noisy April 28th hatch – 1 pullets. One Orpington Roo over Cochin hen...
  2. Horsefeatherz Nvs Page

    Horsefeatherz Nvs Page

    This page is a work in progress, proceed with caution! My Large Fowl My main Roo Versace – he is a Splash Orpington Roo, hatched 4/22/08 from Greg Marlett’s line. I did not hatch him, a BYC member was rehoming him and some other chickens and I was very lucky to get him. He is incredibly...
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