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  1. draye

    Creating a New Color for Plymouth Rocks

    Okay I know that there are Buff Plymouth Rocks, but I would like to know how I could create a Buff Columbian Color in Plymouth Rocks. I like the Buff Columbian color better than just buff. I realize that it would be years to get them up to perfection. I would be dedicated to the project if...
  2. draye


    Is there anyway to access this site on Facebook? I can see the page but it wants me to sign up again. It would make it easier for me if I could get here from there.
  3. draye

    January 2016 Hatch-Come Join Me

    I think I'm going to set on Christmas Day for a mid- January hatch. Since I missed the New Years Hatch-A-Long this year due to not getting any eggs. My hens have picked up a little and I think I can gather two or three dozen between now and Christmas to be able to set. I wished there was...
  4. draye

    The Calico/Aloha/Mottled Naked Neck Thread

    I'm starting this thread for all the Calico, Aloha, and Mottled Naked Necks. Back in 2012 my brother ordered Naked Necks from Cackle Hatchery. He received the 15 pullets he ordered and 5 cockerels that were also ordered. When he decided to sell out if his chickens I took over the Naked...
  5. draye

    Feather Genetics-Not Pertaining To Color

    I have a hen that in her tail feathers are some of the bigger ones are like upside down. Meaning that the stem is faced up instead of downside like normal. I hope that makes sense. Anyway is this a genetic defect? I know echo her parents are. The dad has several offspring besides her...
  6. draye

    Crested Old Polish Are there any if these in the United States? I think they look so neat. I might have to create done. Like I have room for another project.
  7. draye

    Green Egger Naked Neck Thread

    I have started a project for myself. There will be a few culls that I will sell off. I'm not really trying to start a new breed or anything just trying to roll my two favorite breeds into one. Naked Necks and Easter Egger/Ameraucana. I started out with: And: And got only one pullet: On...
  8. draye

    Color Questions

    Since this is the genetics thread: Is wheaten, red, mahogany and ginger all part of the wheaten coloration? Caused by the same gene? Is there anyway to breed Duckwing out of wheaten? What color would you call this? She looks to be Silver Duckwing, but doesn't have a salmon breast and...
  9. draye

    Need Advise on Genetics! Please.

    I have a, what I think is a hen about 20 weeks old. (S)he sings like a hen, but looks like she has saddle feathers. Do hens get them sometimes? Would you ( if you had her) use her for breeding. Reason I'm asking is that she is a very beautiful tricolored. Dark red, either black or a very...
  10. draye

    Documentation of My Project Naked Necks

    First off I don't know how folks can get those great pictures of their chickens. I tried but this was the best I could get. I am trying to get a new line of Naked Necks going for myself mostly. So here is what I'm working with: Rooster: This is a Salmon colored rooster, he came from Cackle...
  11. draye

    The Designer Egg Chain Swap Chat Thread

    I am starting this chat thread for those who what to chat about the Swap thread for the designer eggs chain. Any and all chat is welcome. Please keep it clean. Thanks you.
  12. draye

    Hatching Eggs

  13. draye

    Arkansas Meet-Ups, Swaps and Such

    Anyone in Arkansas know of any swaps or meet-ups? Lets post them here.
  14. draye

    Recreating The White Holland Chicken

    Okay so I've read that the White Holland is extinct. Reading from Wikipedia I found that these are the breeds that were used to creaste them: White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, and Lamonas...
  15. draye

    Feedback and Chat thread For: The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    Let's do the chatting and feedback here.
  16. draye

    What is Wrong With BYC Today? - "Please enter something before you submit your post"

    This will not let me quote. Then when I type my message in it says that I need to post something to submit, even though I already have. I have to go to preview then resubmit it.
  17. draye

    Clinton Hatchery

    Is there anyone out there remembers Clinton Hatchery in Clinton, MO? I do that was where I ordered my very first chicks from that I ever ordered. I heard and found out that they went out of business, just got to thinking about it. I think it was about 30 years ago that I ordered from them...
  18. draye

    Colors of the Standard Old English Game & MOdern Game

    What are the colors of Standard Old English Game? What are the colors of Modern Game? And: Are Modern Game and American Game the same thing? if not: What are the colors of American Game?
  19. draye

    Blue Andalusians

    Who has the best Blue Ansdalusians? These are the hatcheries that I know that sell them: Murray McMurray ( Worried about this one because of shipping isses). Do they offer Overnight or Next Day? Ideal Meyer Privett Thanks, draye
  20. draye

    Expert Breeders, I Need Your Help

    I am in the beginnigs of a project: I am trying to create a White chicken that lays like a Leghorn, but I want it to lay brown eggs, and be big. So far, just getting it started so it will be awhile before I'm ready for the next step. I have crossed my White Plymouth Rock rooster to...
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