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  1. redhen

    Can i use Ivermectin 5% pour-on on pot belly pigs for worming?

    If so,.. how much? Thanks!
  2. redhen

    Anyone hear from Sourland George since Sandy hit?

    I'm getting worried..:fl
  3. redhen

    Can you use triple antibiotic ointment on cats?

    My cat has a sore under his eye, does anyone know if its safe to use on cats? Thanks!
  4. redhen

    The butler REALLY did do it!

    And hes ticked off the big guy... Did you SEE the price of the nativity? And the "gift" check the pope had? And yet we still have hungry kids in this world.. Something just isnt right here.. :th...
  5. redhen

    19 Kids and Counting extortion scam...

    Really? She tried to get a whopping 10 grand? What an idiot... :rolleyes:
  6. redhen

    Anyone know how to cook blue fish so it doesnt taste disgusting?

    My foster son went deep sea fishing and brought us home 4 huge filets of it. :sick He likes fish, but i highly doubt he'll like this strong tasting fish. I want to TRY to cook it for him so it'll be edible. I'm thinking some kind of stew? Tomato based?.. Any other ideas... Thanks!
  7. redhen

    Uh oh,.. The Pope is getting evicted because he cant pay his bills?

    How does a church get 19 million in debt? :ep
  8. redhen

    Where to plant asparagus in yard?

    Does it need full sun..or? Thanks!
  9. redhen

    Dont Honk At Old People!

    Just had to share this from Facebook.. :gig
  10. redhen

    Need Help Trapping Rats, Please

    So we had suspected that we had rats in our goose house.. and possibly under my pig house also. Well today my husband actually saw one chasing a squirrel around the yard.. he thought they were playing... :rolleyes: I doubt that.. I'm sure it was the rat being a bully/protecting his food...
  11. redhen

    I need ideas for a fast growing, trellis climbing, flowering plant...

    We have a gap in between our fences on our property border that i'm looking to close up using a trellis and a flowering, climbing plant of some type.. Any ideas? I love my neighbors,.. but sometimes i dont want to look at them.. :lol:
  12. redhen

    Italian Crockpot Potatoes

    Yum! We made these tonight.. they actually were pretty good! The whole family like them and had seconds, i suggest giving them a try. :) 5 lbs potatoes, sliced and boiled. (we didnt boil them fully.. they still were a little bit firm.. because we didnt want them to overcook in the crockpot...
  13. redhen

    Life Insurance Question

    There was a thread on here a while back about life insurance...and it had a lot of good info. I cant seem to find it now.. :rolleyes: So my question is.. WHAT is the best type of life insurance to get? Whole life or term... or??.. We were offered (from NY Life) a whole life policy (a $100...
  14. redhen

    Everything Is Illegal In America??

    What do you think?
  15. redhen

    Octomom reported to CPS..

    Take a look at the TMZ pics..
  16. redhen

    Father puts a wire on his austic son and sends him to school...

    Poor kid.. :(
  17. redhen

    13 year old boy told he cant fly flag on his bike...

    Great video.. Makes me proud to be an American. :)
  18. redhen

    What do you think of this?

    So the US sent this guy on a job,..and he got arrested and now they are going to let him sit in prison for 15 years? Or am i seeing this situation wrong.. :hide
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