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    Thank you, we have been in Alabama for a little bit (since August) but you know getting things settled after moving takes a while. We will get some pics loaded when it warms up a bit - chicks are in the garage so we have 4 heat lamps running right now.
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    We finally got our chicks from the post office!! Ended up with 22 Delawares, 6 Buff Orpingtons, 6 Barred Rocks, 7 RIR's (ordered 8 but one chick started pecking at eyes and would not stop), 5 Wyandottes, 3 Welsummers. Has any one seen a chick peck at other chicks eyes and try to drag them around...
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    eye pecking baby chick

    Amazingly we had the same thing happen today. We received an order of chicks from a hatchery via the mail and one of the RIR's kept running around pecking at all of the other chicks eyes. I have never seen this happen before and separated the offender from the rest until I can figure out if this...
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    Comment by 'alangrg3' in article 'Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!'

    We have had chickens and recently moved to a new region - one that has warmer winters and hotter summers, the summer part did not scare me. I was more concerned about condensation and providing adequate ventilation on a fairly windy site during the winter (and chickens not being heavily...
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    All valuable ideas - what works for one doesn't work for any other. We had way more red tailed hawks in MO than I've seen here and they never tried to take any of our birds but the hens could hide in the woods really easy. I figured the bald eagles around here might be more of a problem - wasn't...
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    Thanks for all of the replies. The last place we lived was backed up to the woods, not far from Mark Twain National Forest in the Ozark Mountains. We had plenty of predators there - mainly fox, coyote, plenty of raccoon, skunks, neighbor dogs, wild dogs/cats and bob cat. That said we did not...
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    My wife and I just settled into Rogersville, AL after retiring from the Army (both of us) - now we are excited about getting ready for spring, new gardens, chicks, and the never ending list of tasks to make our new home ours. We are waiting on our chicks to arrive the middle of next week. We had...
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    Getting Chicks

    Good luck. Chicken math was part of our down fall at our last house, we had intended on staying in Missouri for a long time but then life changes and so we picked up our roots and are moving on. I built our last coop based on a simple plan, that my DW agreed to, essentially the plan was to keep...
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    Organic Feed in Alabama

    Kotosamom - Did you have any luck finding the feed? My wife and I are moving to the Huntsville area later this summer and are looking for organic non gmo feed as well. Thank you.
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