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  1. thinkyesi

    Bought 2 goats from auction and their butts are crusty.

    So I bought two does from an auction this past Saturday. One is a fainting goat and the other is a Nubian mixed with a fainting goat. I noticed their bottoms are crusty and look rough. Any suggestions what could be the cause or what I could do to help them heal. Thanks!
  2. thinkyesi

    Advice on pregnant doeling

    So I bought a doeling at an auction 2 months ago. She looked about 6 months old or so. So now she may be around 8-9 months old. When we got her we didn't notice that she looked pregnant. But now she looks huge! A friend came over and said "your little goat is pregnant" and it freaked me out...
  3. thinkyesi

    Anyone know what breed of goat this could be?

    I bought this young Billy last week from an auction. I'm not sure what he may be though. I was thinking maybe a Boer or Spanish maybe? Any thoughts?
  4. thinkyesi

    Black or dark green chicken poop, what can it mean?

    Today I found two runny poops that looked either like really dark green or black. None of the chickens seem or look sick. And I can't figure out which chickens poop it is. I will upload some pictures of the poop I found.
  5. thinkyesi

    Chickens doing a weird gag/ moving their necks to the side.

    I noticed yesterday when checking on my chickens that alot of them were doing this weird almost gag. They don't open their beaks really when they do it. But they do this funny head Bob to the side and then scrape their beaks on the floor as if trying to clear something. I wouldn't be too alarmed...
  6. thinkyesi

    Thinking about getting horses, need advice?

    So I've always grown up and been raised around many different types of animals. Birds are my favorite. But I would really love to get horses. I used to go trail riding in groups. But nothing other than that. I just want to know if anyone has any tips on what breed of horses to look into for...
  7. thinkyesi

    How much penicillin for a goat?

    I have a 60 pound Nigerian doe that had to have a C-section 2 weeks ago. She just got her stitches out but there's an infection so I have to pump and drain out the pus. I was told to give her penicillin injections IM. How many CC's should I give her? She's 60 pounds. Thanks.
  8. thinkyesi

    3 week old puppy with diarrhea?

    So I have four 3 week old puppies who have all seemed to be doing fine. Up until yesterday evening when I came home I noticed some very soft stool that looked like diarrhea. And then again early this morning I saw more. Is this "diarrhea" caused by over eating, parasites, etc...? 3 out of my 4...
  9. thinkyesi

    2 day old puppy with bright yellow poop, is it normal?

    My dog gave birth to five puppies 2 days ago. I noticed this morning when I woke up there was bright mustard yellow poop with a little bit of green. The poop was already hard once i saw it. I just wanted to know if this is normal for such a young puppy? I've attached a picture of the poop.
  10. thinkyesi

    Help, what are these bug eggs too?

    I was just outside when I noticed on a ziptie end that there were what look like a bunch of bug eggs on it, anyone know what bug it's from?
  11. thinkyesi

    Keeping Boer buck with Nigerian dwarf bucks?

    Hi I have a question about housing a Boer buck with Nigerian dwarfs? I have one buck and a buckling together and was curious if I could get a Boer buckling and raise him with my other two boys. Would it be something not recommended due to how big the Boer would become? Or would they be fine as...
  12. thinkyesi

    Is my doe in labor?

    My doe is due this friday. February the 8th. Today she is at day 142. She is a nigerian dwarf. Since yesterday evening shes been panting and breathing harder. And her vulva looked bigger. This is my first time with a goat ready to kid soon. I wanted to know what are some signs that shes in...
  13. thinkyesi

    How to know a goat is pregnant?

    So i breed my doe with my buck september 16th. And i notoced she seems to be getting a little rounder now. This is my first time dealing with a possible pregnant doe. What are signs that she is pregnant? This is a picture of what she looks like.
  14. thinkyesi

    Sick goat?

    So i got a goat awhile back, and i noticed shes not in the best shape, she has some type of sores on her bum and she has green discharge in both her eyes, and ive noticed her nose is a little runny and sometimes has yellow discharge that'll dry up around her nostrils. Im new to goats so im...
  15. thinkyesi

    Help! My birds are dying quickly!

    Hi everyone, im having such a horrible week! Rarely do my birds get super sick and die, usually i know what to give my birds and they recover, but this past week ive had a good 30 birds die on me! Just within the past 24 hours i had 9 birds die! I dont know whats killing them. The birds that are...
  16. thinkyesi

    Help! Goat with irritated bottom.

    So i just bought a 2 year old doe, and i noticed a reddish mark on her bottom, inbetween her anus and vulva area. What is it?
  17. thinkyesi

    Sick chicken?

    I have a two year old Rhode island red. She was my very first chicken. Had her since she was only a couple days old. So she is very special to me and i dont want to loose her. I noticed about 3 weeks ago her comb was very pale. I thought maybe the heat since in texas its at the 100s right now...
  18. thinkyesi

    How many goats per half an acre?

    Hi, so i bout some land thats an acre lot. But for the front half im using for gardening, chickens, dogs and pigeons. And all the back will be for our goats. So its a bit over half an acre in the back. How many goats could happily be there? I want to have nigerian dwarfs and boers.
  19. thinkyesi

    Injured squeeker

    So today i went to check on all the birds and noticed a baby had fallen out of his nest and all the cocks were trying to mate with it!:mad: i was so upset! All his back feathers are missing and was bleeding on his back a bit, he is breathing hard probably from getting stepped on. He leans over...
  20. thinkyesi

    Should i keep these squabs and their parents?

    So my husband and i sell pigeons, some of yall know. So we sold a pigeon to a lady and then it had two babies with her pigeon and she decided she didnt want them, so she gave us all 4 birds back, the babies are only about 2 weeks old and now the parents dont want to feed the babies so i am hand...
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