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  1. Double Decker Brooder

    Double Decker Brooder

    Well.. I'm just getting back after having to sell all my birds due to personal reasons. I needed to make a new brooder. I’m not really sure why everything I end up making ends up being twice as big as what I planned. But since I'm definitely not a carpenter it is what it is. It ended up being...
  2. Little Tykes Coop

    Little Tykes Coop

    I saw alot of great posts about the Little Tykes Coop! Never thought I'd need to go that route till someone posted that they use it as a grow out coop. So I got this great idea that I could make one and place inside my run to put 4 - 8 week olds in there. I posted a wanted ad on Freecycle and...
  3. My Chicken Tractor 1

    My Chicken Tractor 1

    My Chicken Tractor After searching the BYC Coop pages and a bunch on line, I found the perfect tractor to copy from that looked super easy. So I went and bought everything I'd need! Here's the list of supplies and how much they cost! 3 - 1x6 8 ft long (treated) $4.97 each total $14.91 8 - 1/2...
  4. NonnasBabies

    Missis Chicken Coop

    Hi, I'm Missi from Pride, La. I've been involved with chickens since 09' and have enjoyed every minute of it. Since I've started I've enlarged my coop, added 2 grow out sections on it and have gone from having a few to having a whole lot!! It's just so addicting!! This is the coop/run when we...
  5. My Home Made Brooder

    My Home Made Brooder

    My Home Made Brooder!! After having my 15 babies in smaller brooder for about 4 weeks I decided they needed more room. I had looked at tons of pictures so I had an idea of what I wanted. Hubby was at work and I got a wild hair to do it myself. Believe it or not the only thing I had help with was...
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