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  1. 4 Georgia Hens

    Questions regarding the dietary needs of rabbits

    Hello everyone! For the past few weeks, I have been doing extensive amounts of research involving rabbit husbandry. Now, before I bite the bullet, I of course need to run the costs of keeping a bunny, and everything that it may entail. Because they need a practically unlimited supply of Timothy...
  2. 4 Georgia Hens

    Can I keep a bunny in my closet?

    Okay, okay I know that the title sounds cruel, but just hear me out. Recently, I have been looking into what it would require to have a pet rabbit. From my research, I concluded that keeping such a vulnerable and fragile animal outside is really cruel. So is housing a bunny in a cage. Free roam...
  3. 4 Georgia Hens

    Did my chicken have a seizure? Why did she die?

    Hello everyone. Yesterday afternoon I went to go check on my flock, and I noticed something very odd. My almost 3 year old Red Sex-Link was flipping and flopping all over the place. It looked like she was trying to do cartwheels. Her eyes were rolled back into her head. Honestly, it seemed like...
  4. 4 Georgia Hens

    How do I tame chicks that are raised by a broody??

    Hello everyone! I have a broody silkie with 5 chicks. They are all about a week old. On my “farm” all of my chickens are super tame and I don’t want these babies to be any different. The hen doesn’t seem to care if I hold her chicks, but they really don’t love attention from me. What would be...
  5. 4 Georgia Hens

    I need advice: broody hen troubles!

    Hello everyone! A little while ago, 2 of my silkies went broody on potentially fertile eggs. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of the date the they first went broody. They each have about 9 eggs. Yesterday, one of the eggs hatched. I thought about candling the eggs tonight to get a better...
  6. 4 Georgia Hens

    Is this ordinance unfair? I need advice!

    Hello everyone! Recently I have been a lot of research about my county’s ordinances. We have been legally (with a few exceptions) keeping chickens for almost 4 years. After all of this time, we have started to really want to begin growing our “farm”. After doing some digging, I found out what is...
  7. 4 Georgia Hens

    Lime Green Poop! Coturnix Quail! Help!

    Hello everyone! Today I noticed that one of my 4 Coturnix quail is staying puffed up in a corner of the coop. While I watched her, she pooped a very unusual poop. She is approximately 7 weeks old. I don’t know what’s going on. What do y’all think?
  8. 4 Georgia Hens

    Our new quail!

    Hello everyone! Yesterday we picked up 4 two-week old quail! I currently have them in a medium sized dog crate while their coop is being finished. We have already fallen head over heels for these sweet little birds! In terms of food, I got them a non-medicated chick starter. I have heard that...
  9. 4 Georgia Hens

    Silkie in critical condition! She was attacked!

    Yesterday, my 6 1/2 month old silkie was attacked by my Speckled Sussex who is at least 2X bigger than the silkie. The SS was on Pongo’s (the silkie) back and pecking her neck and head. Luckily, it was only for a very short period of time. I brought the silkie inside, warmed her up and tried to...
  10. 4 Georgia Hens

    Quail Ordinance?

    Hello everyone! I’m back! Okay, lately I have been doing some research into Quail. I have done my very best to see whether or not they are legal to keep in North GA, but I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Does anyone know which counties quail is able to be kept? Or any possible restrictions?
  11. 4 Georgia Hens

    Please help! Lethargic silkie!

    This morning when I was unlocking my chickens, I noticed one of my silkies acting lethargic. It was hunched over in the corner of the coop. When I picked it up, she didn’t protest at all, which is usual. Immediately, I added some hay to my “hospital” crate and placed food and water inside. I...
  12. 4 Georgia Hens

    Weird “Goop” hanging from my hens tush!

    Well hello everyone! This odd goop is hanging out of my Red SexLinks bottom and I have zero idea what this is! This hen has had egg laying issues before so I am honestly not suprised. It looks like she’s trying to poop it out but can’t get it any further than that. Do yal have any idea of what...
  13. 4 Georgia Hens

    Should I help out this chick?

    Howdy yal! I have a broody hen who is recently hatching some silkie eggs. One of the eggs externally pipped Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. The egg is making progress, and I believe it is close to hatching. Also, the chick is responding to touch and whistles, so I guess that it isn’t in...
  14. 4 Georgia Hens

    Tell me about my mixes!

    Howdy yal! We recently hatched some chicks for the first time! Their mother is a pure black silkie and their father is a cuckoo silkie. I found this calculator and I am VERY confused! I literally have zero idea what the results mean (circled in red). Can someone help??!!? Thank y’all in advance!
  15. 4 Georgia Hens

    I have a broody hen and fertile eggs! Help needed!

    Howdy yal! I have a silkie that I believe is broody! Even if she isn’t, I want to have this thread as a reference. So she is sitting on a bunch of fertile eggs. They are all her eggs. I know that they are fertile because she is bred at least once a day. None of them are marked so I know very...
  16. 4 Georgia Hens

    The Most Troublesome Ordinance!

    Howdy y’all! In case y’all haven’t known this, getting goats has been on my radar for the past year. I’ve been obediently doing my reaserch and learning about them the best that I can. But yesterday, we called spoke to the local sheriff and learned that the keeping of goats in not permitted on...
  17. 4 Georgia Hens

    We got a Cockatiel! Tips please!

    Howdy! Today we got a new bird, a Cockatiel! He has a cage and plenty of places to play. We have only had a conure, so does any one have any tips and tricks for keep a Cockatiel? Any advice is welcome! Thanks yal!
  18. 4 Georgia Hens

    When can I be expecting eggs?

    Howdy yal! I have 3 silkie hens. They will turn 7 months old September 9th. I was wondering if yal have an idea of when they will start laying eggs? Thanks in advance!
  19. 4 Georgia Hens

    Trying to hatch eggs!! Advice needed!

    Howdy yal! I recently got a (what I believe to be) a Sebright bantam hen. Her previous owner said that she was very popular/active with his 5 other roosters and has a bare splotch on her back due to them mounting her. So when she laid an egg this morning, I’m guessing/hoping that it is fertile...
  20. 4 Georgia Hens

    New Chickens! She’s wild!

    Today we pick up a new hen! She came from a free ranging family, basically 0 human interaction. I am letting her cool down for a while, then I intend to move her to a coop. I will interact with her as much as I can, but other than give her treats is there anything else that I can do to encourage...
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