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  1. EggWalrus

    No you don't!

    Don't you mess with my girls! :lau :gig:lol:
  2. EggWalrus

    Found a strange dead rooster in yard today

    Found a strange rooster dead in the yard today. Definitely not one of my birds. Weird thing is it was missing an eye (but looked like the socket had healed). I had one like it missing an eye but quit hearing it crowing back in the swamp over a year ago. I also let the dog out of the chicken yard...
  3. EggWalrus

    Possible Gangrene? Graphic Pics Warning

    Warning! This thread contains some pics that may affect the "weak of stomach" in a negative way. Involuntary regurgitation is a possibility for those with a snowflake's intestinal fortitude! . YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Seriously though, I found another little chicken that got over the fence. And...
  4. EggWalrus

    Anyone every come across this?

    This little chick is black with a silver chest. I think it may be half Silkie and half Barred Rock. I know Silkies are supposed to have 5 toes instead of 4, but the extra toe is seperate from the other toes. This appears to be a "double" toe growing off the base of one toe. Anybody seen this...
  5. EggWalrus

    First Blue Eggs Finally! only took 11 months

    Got our first 2 Blue eggs from the ameraucanas we bought last Feb. I was beginning to wonder if they were roosters in drag. But the girls finally delivered! Woo Hoo! :wee:yesss:
  6. EggWalrus

    Does Blue lighting effect chick sex?

    Earlier today I read a post that stated hens subjected to blue lighting (like from aquarium light bulbs) will result in more female chicks being hatched. I have goggled, binged, and used other search engines but can't find much on this subject. I know the temp of reptile eggs can effect the sex...
  7. EggWalrus

    The King Is Dead! Long Live The King!

    My Lil Buddy Foghorn Jr just died. He was a almost 3 years old and one helluva good rooster. He was the King around here. Never too rough on the hens and kept all the young roos well mannered. He was good with babies and the rascal would even sit on eggs when a broody would get up to do her...
  8. EggWalrus

    Purple Eggs?

    Anyone ever have a hen or pullet lay purple eggs? I know Easter Eggers can lay blue, green, brown, white, tinted, and even pinkish eggs, but I've never heard of purple eggs. I have 3 EE pullets I got from TSC back in the spring but none of them are laying yet and I keep them penned up till...
  9. EggWalrus

    Cat 3-4? Hurricane Michael

    Just great! Just heard on the news that the hurricane's projected path about to pass within 10 miles of me. will be a Cat 3 Major Hurricane. Looks like I'm in for a whole lot of chicken losses since I have nothing big enough to protect them in. I love my birds but I'm getting out of Dodge for...
  10. EggWalrus

    Ameraucanas-Are these boys or girls?

    This is one of the TSC EEs. Gotta go take pics of other 2 when I get back then I'll upload them also. Thanks for everyone's eggspertise!
  11. EggWalrus

    Are Ameraucanas naturally mean and bullies?

    Yesterday I picked up some Ameraucana chicks from TSC. They are only two or three days old now, but they are fighting. Not just a little peck here and there, but head down stare offs, then lunging and flapping and pecking at each others faces. I've never seen this kind of aggression in...
  12. EggWalrus

    What could kill and eat 30 chickens in 1 night and not leave a single body.

    Something killed and ate, or killed and carried off 30 birds last week. 2-3 month old leghorns. I'm thinking a family of Coyotes or Bobcats. No bodies, just 2 small piles of feathers and a piece of skat at one pile. Any help identifying what kind of skat this is would help. We have Coons...
  13. EggWalrus

    Bad News. Just had a Biddy born with 2 beaks

    It has 2 lower jaws. the top and middle close and work like it should but it has a 3rd beak or 2nd lower jaw that hangs down below is regular one. sorta looks like a Horn coming out from its throat under its beak. He's not quite a week old, and I'm surprised I didn't catch it earlier but we...
  14. EggWalrus

    Do they molt then lay their 1st eggs or just opposite?

    I read on another chicken site today, that pullets start laying at ~5-6 months, then it said to expect 1st molt at 18-24 weeks. Something doesn't sound right. I thought their 1st molt was around a year after start of laying? Can someone set me straight, that's what I get for thoughting...
  15. EggWalrus

    Broody too often?

    I have about a dozen wild swamp chickens of mixed heritage, mostly Game, Malay, and RIR. Problem with them is that they spend more time broody than laying eggs. I've tried everything I've read about here to break broodiness to no avail. The only thing that works temporarily is chicken jail...
  16. EggWalrus

    Hello, new member here.

    New member here. I'm from a little swamp called Kelly, AL just off the Choctawhatchee River. I have about 30 birds at the moment. Back a year ago I was able to trap about a dozen wild swamp chickens (I've been told they are a mix of Game, Malay, RIRs that were released or escaped during a...
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