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  1. jeremy

    What color/pattern is this OE pullet?

    Wondering if anyone knows what this Olive Egger pullet will look like when mature? I've never grown out a bird with her pattern/color.
  2. jeremy

    Chickens eating rabbit poop

    We've moved our rabbit set up into the chicken run. I have a tray underneath my hutch that collects poop that I use in the garden. I've noticed that many of my birds peck at the rabbit poo, what I assume might be out of curiosity, but some have eaten it. Is this harmful? I know rabbits can eat...
  3. jeremy

    6+ Bantam Chocolate, Mauve, BBS Orpington hatching eggs

    6+ (6-8) Bantam Mauve, Chocolate, & BBS Orpington hatching eggs, to be shipped out tomorrow 6/2/15! I have 1 Black Split to Choc roo & 1 Mauve cockerel, over 2 Black hens, 1 Mauve pullet, & 1 Blue pullet. You have the potential to hatch, Blue, Black, Splash, Chocolate, & Mauve chicks. 3...
  4. jeremy

    ***UPDATED*** Bantam Orpington PAIR

    FOR SALE (1) bantam Orpington PAIR. The cockerel is Mauve, and then hen is Black. I purchased the cockerel in February from Brandi McGovern of Brandi's Fancy Feather's in Lousiana. The hen was hatched last year from eggs I purchased from Blue Rein Poultry, who no longer has their bantam...
  5. jeremy

    Can I feed Sunchoke or Yacon to my chickens?

    I'm growing both Sunchoke and Yacon this year (in large containers), I planted A LOT of Sunchoke and probably will have more than I could ever eat. Does anyone have any experience with feeding the tubers to their chickens? Both Sunchoke and Yacon are members of the same plant family as...
  6. jeremy

    What color is this rooster? Genetics experts, help!

    Greenfire says it's Gold Duckwing, is it? Or is he Silver Wheaten? If he isn't Silver Wheaten, does anyone have a picture of a Silver Wheaten roo? Photo credit
  7. jeremy

    Orpington Project! Crest & White Ear Lobes vs. Feathered Shanks

    I've always dreamed of creating Wheaten Orpingtons, they exist in the UK (in small numbers, so importing would be "next to impossible"... a.k.a it would cost a small fortune), but I think I could easily recreate the color here with a few different breeds. A Wheaten Orp- I would start...
  8. jeremy

    Is Buddleia toxic to chickens?

    I want to put a Buddleia (butterfly bush) plant in my run to add some color, they're pretty hardy here and require very little maintenance. Does anyone know though if the plant is poisonous to chickens? I figured I would plant it and section it off for awhile, giving it time to establish and...
  9. jeremy

    Chocolate Marans

    Is anyone working on a Chocolate Marans project? Now that we have the Choc gene in the US and it seems to be pretty accessible I'd imagine someone would be breeding a chocolate colored, chocolate egg laying chicken. Anyone? Pictures? Experience/info to share?
  10. jeremy

    Platinum Sumatra PAIR For Sale - Price REDUCED

    ***Price REDUCED*** I have 1 pair of Platinum Sumatras, a cockerel and a pullet. These birds are the offspring of my Dun breeding program. Platinum birds are the result of the genetic combination of both the Blue gene and the Dun gene. The result is a steely gray colored bird with chocolate...
  11. jeremy

    Something is wrong with my account? Creating new classified.

    I'm trying to post a new classified and I keep running into the error message, You are only allowed to have 1 open classifieds. Close some of your open classifieds until you are under the limit again. I've looked through my threads started and my classifieds and I cannot find one that is...
  12. jeremy

    Black Walnut tree/leaves - Okay to eat?

    Does anyone know anything about Walnut trees and whether or not they are toxic to chickens? I'm pretty sure we have a large Black Walnut tree in our yard adjacent to the chicken run. I'd like to let the birds into that part of the yard but I'm worried eating the leaves may make the birds sick...
  13. jeremy

    12+ Pure English Blue & Splash Orpington ***Fertility Test*** hatching eggs

    For your consideration, 12+ hatching eggs from my Pure English Blue & Splash Orpington flock. ***Please note, these eggs are being sold with the knowledge that this auction is a test to check fertility in my flock.*** This is an auction formatted listing, please place your bid by replying...
  14. jeremy

    Buff Orpington pullet or hen

    I'm looking for a breeder or show quality Buff Orpington pullet, or mature hen. As long as she isn't hatchery stock I'm not going to be too picky. I'm willing to pay for shipping. Does anyone have anything available right now? I am in Oakland, CA. Thank you.
  15. jeremy

    Platinum Sumatra cockerel FOR SALE

    I am selling my Platinum Sumatra cockerel, he is 9 months old. Platinum is the result of the dilution of the color Black by the Blue gene and the Dun gene. When bred to Black birds this cockerel will sire Platinum, Dun, Blue and Black offspring. Bidding will start at $50, bids can be made...
  16. jeremy

    Golden Neck genetics?

    What exactly is a Golden Neck bird, genetically? Buff Mottled? I'm hatching some Golden Neck Old English Game bantams soon and I'm just wondering what color I could outcross them to to improve the line. Mottled? Here's some pictures of Golden Neck Booted bantams, I don't want to post any...
  17. jeremy

    WTB Muscovy Ducks- Blue, Silver, Lavender or Lilac

    I'm looking for Muscovy Ducks in Blue, Sliver, Lavender or Lilac. The primary reason I'll be keeping Scovies is for meat production... but I would like something pretty to look at before they meet the dinner table. I've never incubated duck eggs but I'd be willing to give it a go. I would...
  18. jeremy

    Pure English Blue and Splash Orpington juvenile cockerels

    I have several pure English Blue and Splash Orpington juvenile cockerels for sale. The cockerels range in age from 3 months old to almost 5 months old. I'm asking $80 per bird, plus the cost of shipping and the price of a new box. Shipping will be calculated by your zip code. Please do not...
  19. jeremy

    Font color

    Is there a way we can preset the font color in our posts? Or do we have to manually change the color every single time we post? Like this. I really like the new post editor, BTW.
  20. jeremy

    Mottled/Spangled Orpingtons

    There seems to be some newfound interest in this relatively rare color of Orpington (in the United States), I figured I would start this thread in hopes of creating a place where breeders could come together and discuss the genetics behind this variety and their projects, share pictures of their...
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