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  1. 202roosterlane

    The Strutting Baby Silkies

    Describe 'The Strutting Baby Silkies' here These silkies must have been suprised by my walking in to see how they were doing. The other baby chicks pay me no mind. They are almost 4 weeks old in this picture and purchased as hatching eggs from a great BYC member. I had the camera ready...
  2. 202roosterlane

    The New Chicken Condo

    The New Chicken Coop This is how the building looked when delivered. Completely different now. It is 8x12. Did a little staining/waterproofing. Was already treated lumber, but was too plain for me. In this photo you can see the concredte work at the base of the tree. It looks like a...
  3. 202roosterlane

    My Chicks And Roos

    Schmitt's Sunny Side Up Poultry Palace One of my Heritage RIRs only about 8 months old (as of 1-2012) These were given to me from a friend. They are from the late Ricky Bates's line. He aquired this line from a woman in Louisiana a long time ago. JUST A FEW OF OUR NEW RECENT BABIES...
  4. 202roosterlane

    202roosterlanes Page

    Hi, I am new to raising chickens. I have only been doing this since Feb 2011. The right picture is of our first eggs. My granddaughter wanted to color on them but I told her we would photo shop them so we could still eat them. She is 6 years old and informed me with tears in her eyes that we...
  5. 202roosterlane

    My Swaptrade Page

    202RoosterLane's Swap and Trade Page Updated: 15 September 2013 ITEMS I OWE TO: Items OWED TO ME from WYGS: 1. BNEWS - 2 chicken décor plates 23 Apr 2013...
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