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  1. Kat2141

    She's a mix but.... what?

    I have one girl that came out of a dozen eggs that we bought that I can't figure out. They hatched July 5th. The roos are all large and so are the rest of the hens. This girl is much smaller and just is different from the others. I was told the flock the eggs came from was buff orpington, barred...
  2. Kat2141

    4 Large roosters in need of new home in Binghamton, NY area

    I have 4 roosters, hatched July 5 this year, that need new homes ASAP. Two are really into the breeding idea now. I've been looking for homes for them for a while but now they HAVE to go. Free... They are not mean or aggressive to people, although I do not handle them either. They are nice...
  3. Kat2141

    Dr. Chris Brown and Maremma guard dogs watching flock

    I just saw this on another site and thought it was interesting and figured I'd share. A video of the dogs protecting their hens from a "threat". Dr. Chris - the pet vet on tv...
  4. Kat2141

    Are green feathers normal in barred rock roos?

    I have 3 cockerels that I thought were "black sex link". The backyard farm I got the dozen eggs from said they had barred rock hens (along with BO's and RIR's) and a black Langshan rooster and a golden laced Brahma. These three were black with white spots on their heads and white butts when they...
  5. Kat2141

    I'm told my girls are spoiled LOL

    I actually got my 6 red sex link hens last March. It was cold here so they were started in our living room in a plastic tub. Well, that sure didn't last long even though it was a large tub. We soon moved them into a dog crate that I borrowed. That worked really well! I wrapped the bottom and 5...
  6. Kat2141

    3 little roos?

    These guys are 8 weeks old today. I'm fairly certain they are little roos but MIL says maybe not. The copper colored one is pretty... don't know what he is tho. I'm sure it's a mix. He's very camera shy, or maybe it's people shy.
  7. Kat2141

    Hi, new to the forum

    hi all, I'm new to the forum and sort of new to the chicken world. I got 6 red sex-link chicks last year, sadly lost 2 of them to foxes this year. Just had 11 chicks hatch out of eggs that I got from another lady. I don't know what these are - I know the rooster she had was a Black Langshan but...
  8. Kat2141

    My hens are working together with their chicks

    hi all, I've read the forums off and on but just now joined. I'm fairly new to chickens. I just thought I'd share a little about my girls. I got some red-sex-link chicks last year from the local Tractor Supply. It was still very cold outside, so they started out in the house and were later moved...
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