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  1. gguineasfamily

    Guinea fowl genetics... and wattles

    Hey guys! So I have a theory about guinea fowl genetics and I haven't seen it anywhere else but... flat and curly wattles. Some females have curly wattles (like my Misty and Glossy) but most have flat. Some males have flat wattles (like my Flap and Tabby) but most have curly. Male sex...
  2. gguineasfamily

    Gout in guinea?

    One of my guinea hens has a swollen foot that looks like it might be gout (no plug for bumble foot) and lately I noticed her neck is getting pale. I researched treatment and they all recommend certain nutrients such as phosphorus. Apparently they need an enzyme phytase to digest it? Where can I...
  3. gguineasfamily


    Hey everyone I'm hoping to compile a list of all the things guineas can and can't eat. Please reply and help out, don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong. DO • a variety of grains and seeds • complete chicken feed (preferably in grain form not pellet form) • shell grit • bugs • grass and...
  4. gguineasfamily

    Blocked sinuses in guinea?

    One of my Guinea hens has been blocked up for about 6 months and it's not going away. She breathes though her beak sometimes or just sounds really blocked but otherwise she's fine. Could it be an allergy to something, or a worm or something else I could treat? The bedding is sand and they eat...
  5. gguineasfamily

    Guinea with Gapeworm

    I have a Guinea that I'm pretty sure has Gapeworm. I am not really sure about the process of deworming him though. Thanks!
  6. gguineasfamily

    How do you store your guinea eggs for hatching?

    Hi I'm just wondering how everyone stres their guinea eggs for hatching, and how they keep them cool in the heat of summer, and how to maximise fertility with storage temperature. Thanks! :)
  7. gguineasfamily

    Guinea hen with sore toe

    Hi A few days ago, my guinea hen Tiger started limping. She wasn't too bad so I left her outside, but the next day she was worse. So I took her in to the garage to stay the night. Every night now I bring her into the garage but she's not getting any better. Her big toe is a bit swollen but I...
  8. gguineasfamily

    Dawn's Story(crippled)

    This is Dawn. He walks on his knees. Sorry he's a guinea fowl but I hope that chicken owners can see his story too. When Dawn hatched, he was just a normal keet (guinea chick) But at 11 days old we woke up and he was lying down with one foot in the drinker. We thought he hurt himself trying...
  9. gguineasfamily

    Creating a dust bath pit for guineas

    I'm thinking of giving the guineas a belated Xmas present- a dust bath spot! So far most areas in the yard have clay, rocks or grass (or all 3) and don't make very good dust bathing spots. So I'm thinking of making a dust bath pit on top of the clay near the coop. I want to border it with logs...
  10. gguineasfamily

    Who celebrates their chickens birthdays?

    Hey I'm just wondering who celebrates their chickens birthdays and how. I know I do! I have a millet cake with millet sprigs or sticks with grapes on top for candles. Please reply and I will post pics! Thanks
  11. gguineasfamily

    How to prevent hawk attacks?

    I have seen Hawks or Eagles in the sky above my yard. Some of them don't look very big but I think they're big enough to get my chickens. I have seen the crows trying to chase them away. Would planting trees stop them from seeing my chickens? I really want to prevent them coming because I know...
  12. gguineasfamily

    What is the average male:female ratio of a batch of eggs?

    Hey guys I'm just wondering if its normal to hatch a batch of eggs and get 10 males and 6 females? Is it normal to have so many males? Or is it just my guineas genes? And also out of some of the eggs laid by the 6 females and 10 males someone bought they said they hatched and we're all male. Do...
  13. gguineasfamily

    How do you celebrate your guineas birthdays?

    Hey guinea owners I'm wondering if anyone celebrates their Guineas birthdays? I've had birthday parties for all my egg guineas, who just turned two in November-December and Sunrise, who I bought last year, who turned one. Today I'm celebrating my first four guineas third birthday. Because we...
  14. gguineasfamily

    My guinea hen is sick! Help!

    Misty was asleep in the middle of the day today. She acts really tired and doesn't want to drink. She's not pooing properly only runny and white. We took her into the garage for tonight. We thought she's probably egg bound but both yesterday and today, we've seen her in the nest with a fresh...
  15. gguineasfamily

    Should I re home my lavender males?

    I have 19 free ranging pearl grey guineas, 8 females and 11 males. All last year this ratio worked well and this year too. But then we got 3 lavenders hoping 2 of them were girls. Turned out to be 2 males one female. I thought the males would go to their sister but no they fight with the pearl...
  16. gguineasfamily

    Why aren't my guinea hens laying?

    I have 9 guinea hens and only get 2 eggs a day. Is there something wrong with their food? They are currently on layer mash with mixed grains and pellets in it. 2 hens are turning three years old, 6 are almost two years old and the youngest will be one in January. I know the youngest one is...
  17. gguineasfamily

    Growing millet?

    Does anyone grow millet for their chickens? Can you please tell me what fertiliser to use? Thanks
  18. gguineasfamily

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my guinea fowl has broken a leg

    How do I tell if my guinea has broken a foot? How can I stop him from running around?
  19. gguineasfamily

    How to stop a hen being broody?

    My little Silkie bantam hen Moonbeam is sitting on plastic eggs. We took her real ones away as they aren't fertile anyway. I would really like her to run around like everyone else. Do you know how to stop her being broody?
  20. gguineasfamily

    My Silkie rooster thinks he's a guinea fowl! And mates guineas!

    My Silkie rooster thinks he's a guinea fowl. His favourite 'hen' is a male guinea fowl called Dawn. Dawn hates being mated but Twinkles the rooster will mate him at any chance he gets. We bought Twinkles two Silkie bantam hens. He goes through phases and sometimes will mate one hen three times...
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