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  1. Keeper

    Friends for my disabled hen- need advice

    Hello, Peeps! Need an opinion on providing companionship for my mobility-challenged chicken. Cordelia is a Black Copper Maran, can walk and even run if she's really motivated, but with difficulty and doesn't do it very often, or quickly. She doesn't roost. The vet says there is nothing we can...
  2. Keeper

    Hamilton evacuation 12/8/15

    Hey Hamilton, just heard you are evacuating due to flooding. I can come up with emergency housing for about 8 chickens in Bow.
  3. Keeper

    Pecking? Fungus? Pox?

    Hello, This is my first year with chickens, and I have two flocks, one a couple of months older than the other. My older flock of 6 hens are showing up with some black scabs on their combs, not raised or with puss, but flat and dry. They seem healthy in every other way, but one of them has...
  4. Keeper

     Purina chicken feed sell by date? ANSWER FOUND

    How do I find an expire date on Purina chicken feed? I just bought a bag and it smells terrible- sour. On the bottom of the bag there is a date: July 31. Is that the date it was milled? Just wondering if it was sitting around in a warehouse for too long. eta: Answer found here...
  5. Keeper

    Chicken Math

    Hello, I'm new! Chicken math already has ahold of me though... I was going to go easy on myself and just start out with 3 or 4 my first year, here I am already up to 16! There are just too many cool breeds and I seem to need at least one of each. Someone stop me!
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