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    Plastic poultry flooring

    I was wondering if anyone here uses poultry flooring in their coops? I'm seeing some advantages. In my case I thinking maybe still having pine shavings underneath. Only issue is when they poop in the shavings they "turn it over" in time, that's good vs the poop falling through the flooring and...
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    5-year observation

    I would like to share some interesting observations in the five years I've had chickens. The very first flock of chickens were very friendly and would constantly come up and get under my feet. Then I integrated the second flock to the first and some of the second flock never became friendly some...
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    Natural light vs Artificial light

    Natural light vs Artificial light This post is about how and when to use artificial light. NOT if it should be used at all, that is a another debate, and not the topic here. I have noticed some things that seem go go against what I have always read. I have always read 1. Artificial...
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    two level chicken run

    just wondering if anyone has ever done anything like this. I have a 10 x 10 or a hundred square foot Chicken Run. i am thinking about building a platform that is 3 feet off the ground and 5 by 10 ft. That would give me another 50 square feet in the Run if the chickens used the top of it.. I have...
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    PDZ in poop trays = DUST!!!

    I converted my poop boards to poop trays and filled with 100% PDZ granules. From what I had read before converting, I never expected it to make the coop extremely Dusty. It does not appear that they are kicking it out or anything but it's just extremely Dusty in the coop now. Anyone else have...
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    Auto door crushes hen

    Anyone ever heard of a auto coop door crushing a chicken ? I built mine, knowing this could happen but never expected it to. I always joked if a chicken got cought by the door it was not the the smartest chicken in the coop. .. Got 12 19 week only comets, last night they were not going in as...
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    Supplemental lighting

    We all know if we want chickens to lay through the winter months we need to add supplemental lighting or they will virtually quit laying...............RIGHT? Most of us myself included learn by reading what we read typically on the internet and if we read it enough we assume that is correct...
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    Worrying about your chickens being too cold

    This is just my opinion but I read a lot about people worried that their chickens are cold. Whatever the temperature is in your local area when it gets what you consider cold a lot of especially backyard chicken folks seem to get worried. I am in no way an expert but from what I have seen over...
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    Eggs selling slow

    We have 19 laying hens and have more eggs than we are selling. I need some ideas on how to sell these eggs. Currently the wife sells some through work. I post on Facebook. We have a box on the front porch where we sell eggs and honey but we are not along a main road we're kind of out of the way...
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    Time to post

    I've been lurking on this site for a few years. I figured I may as well join so I could post. I'm a 30-year professional photographer, I'm also a beekeeper as of 4 years ago and 2 years ago we got our chickens.
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