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  1. OutdoorFun4

    eating eggs

    My chickens are eating their eggs how do I break this habit?
  2. OutdoorFun4

    Is this normal for molting or going broody???

    Our BO has been hanging out in the nest box lately. We figured she has gone broody. When my daughter checked for eggs yesterday she noticed that the normally proud hen had lost most of the feather from her breast area. The hen is not low on the pecking order and seems fine otherwise. Is this...
  3. OutdoorFun4

    Why wouldn't she be an Ameraucana?

    Meet Bountiful. Picture was taken a month ago before she started to lay. Her comb and muff have really come in since then. We bought her from our local AGWAY. I think they use Ideal. Like all hatcheries the birds are sold as Ameraucanas. I am a good BYC member and I know from the countless...
  4. OutdoorFun4

    best black australorp pics

    i have two black australorps and wanted to see some pics
  5. OutdoorFun4

    I want to cover my run... I need advice (Pics)

    I was looking at corrugated PVC panels, but I don't think they can take the Maine snow load. I also priced metal roofing at Home Depot. I think it would look nice, but would cost me about $150. I like the current enclosure and don't want to remove the hardware cloth on top. Here is my coop...
  6. OutdoorFun4

    Egg Song?

    My EE has been moaning (almost mooing) with hiccup type squawking all day! It is almost to the point of being pitiful. Is this an egg song?... 4 hours is a long performance.
  7. OutdoorFun4

    Meet our flock!

    New pictures! Please take a look...
  8. OutdoorFun4

    Adjustments made to 6X6 Coop

    After a couple of months of use I have made a few changes. I have the pictures of the update on my page: I am sure that this process won't change...I already have a list of others.
  9. OutdoorFun4

    We are Done our 6X6 Coop... Almost

    Please check out our page to see pictures of the final product! We appreciate the help we got from friends and family to move this project along. A special thanks to Buff Hooligan, her coop was our inspiration. All the mistakes are mine. We would appreciate any feedback...
  10. OutdoorFun4

    I hope my beautiful EE is a girl!

    From what I have read a small pea comb with a single line of "peas" is a pullet. Awesome! But my goodness look at that tail! What do you think? "She" is 10 weeks old. I would think the comb would have popped by now. It's the tail... Have you ever seen one like that on a pullet?
  11. OutdoorFun4

    warm feet

    I went out to let the chickens out and I picked up my little EE and its feet were warm is that something I should worry about
  12. OutdoorFun4

    Progress Report- 6X6 Coop Move in day is fast approaching. Worked at hanging the doors and building the run this weekend. A few more locks, install the roost, hang the feeder, finish the shakes, hardware cloth on the run door, attach the run to the coop and I...
  13. OutdoorFun4

    My GLW has a single comb...

    Ok. I admit, I am new at this, but I thought Golden Laced, and all other Wyandottes, have rose combs. Two of my three chicks have little buds which I am sure will someday be beautiful rose combs. One little girl has a single comb just like the Buffs, Barred Rocks, and RIRs. Is it normal in...
  14. OutdoorFun4

    Progress on the 6 X6 Coop

    I am posting this because I have used so many of the ideas that I have found on this site. Like everyone else ....I will pass on my mistakes and small victories. It's 6X6. So far, I am very happy with the nest boxes and the floor. My wife found a remnant piece of industrial lino at a...
  15. OutdoorFun4

    1st Timers...Picked-up our new chicks tonight! (Pics)

    We couldn't wait until the morning... What if some other BYC member lives nearby and got them all before us? 2- RIR 2- EE 2 - BO We think they are pretty special. My daughter's first chick photo. The Easter-Eggers showing some real interest in my son's homemade chick roost.
  16. OutdoorFun4

    Should you wear a dust mask in the coop?

    I just visited a local farmer who warned me to wear a dust mask in the coop. He has 75 chickens. I will have 6. I haven't heard of this before ... is it necessary ?
  17. OutdoorFun4

    Chicks of different ages

    I have two small orders of chicks arriving over a an 11 day period. Would this create a problem? Any advice on how to to integrate these orders would be appreciated.
  18. OutdoorFun4

    Training Behavior?

    I have a run big enough for my birds but want to let them range when we are able to watch over them. My thought is to always give them treats in the run and either ring a bell, or clang pie plates, as a signal that it is snack time. (Pavlov) My hope is when we have to leave in the middle of...
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