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  1. silkiechicken

    Choices choices!!! What meat grinder?

    Everyone has a kitchen aid! I don't... and not really interested in one. If I ever get one, it'll have to be a nice one, not the plastic farmed out name stamp that 99% of them are now a days. Who all has a meat grinder here though? Experiences and thoughts? I'm looking at the LEM #5 and #8...
  2. silkiechicken

    Mmm. Tuna!

    One fresh 20lb albacore from the Oregon coast! Many servings of fresh lightly seared sashimi.
  3. silkiechicken

    Cornelius showing off her tricks!

    She's perfected fetch. Going through the hoop and spinning are easy no brainers that result in treats to keep her interested. Now working on riding her skateboard: Still need to get wolf whistle, come, go, and poop on command on video. Enjoy!
  4. silkiechicken

    YAY FOR BABIES!!!!!!!!

    First real test set of my quad of quails. Set 26 eggs collected over 14 days, 14 were fertile/showed development, 12 made it to day 15 (2 died around E6-8), 9 hatched on day 18, 3 were dead in shell. Of the dead ones, one appeared drowned, one appeared to die before pipping and adsorbing yolk...
  5. silkiechicken

    Why does raw meat have to taste soo good?

    Raw tuna and raw beef = my two favorites. Why why why does it have to taste sooo good? Melt in the mouth goodness. The just cool yet warm meltyness of a good chunk of meat. Well, I guess I do sear the outside of my beef steaks, but not the tuna steaks.
  6. silkiechicken

    Quail stopped laying. Has this happened to you?

    So my "new" quails basically each laid an egg a day for about two weeks... then all the sudden I've gotten no eggs for the past 5 days! Food, water, shelter, number of birds is all the same... they are inside a heated closet... the only thing that was different is that I took all the eggs and...
  7. silkiechicken

    The babies are all grown up! When should I hatch more!

    So my little quail babies are about two months old and laying... how long before you suppose the male will be successful in his ventures of reproduction? So far he's just tearing up the feathers on the girls and not finishing the job as far as I can see after he hops on. LOL When you guys have...
  8. silkiechicken

    Amaizing healing abilities of chickens! *graphic pics*

    Background: I fence-less free range birds, have always done so and always will here at home. Thus, I accept predator losses and attacks. Luckily, our acreage is landlocked by city so we don't really have bad pred problems. Issue: First time in like 13 years of having chickens, we had a dog...
  9. silkiechicken

    All girls? What are those odds!

    Hatched 6 and they are all 4 weeks old now. 5 are wildtype and have chest spots! My only hope is the white one is a boy. LOL The little stinkers: They are 5-6.5 ounces, I plan on eating them all in a few weeks! Just wanted to share :p
  10. silkiechicken

    I am the god of hellfire!!!! Ok... so I want a weed dragon. LOL

    So tell me all about your weed dragon experiences. Are they worth it? Or any good alternatives?
  11. silkiechicken

    Quail babies are so funny!!

    OH my! I dropped a little slug into the box of 3 day old quail to see what they would do. Chicken chicks have always just said: YUCK! And run off wiping their beaks. But oh no... these quail all took turns juts picking and hammering the poor quarter inch slug to death. None of them could pluck...
  12. silkiechicken

    Babies! 3 brown ones, and the silly yellow one. :p

    Think the brown ones are the wildtype... but what is that yellow one. LOL It stands in it's brooder and just screams while the other three walk off half the time. It's going to be a special one. LOL
  13. silkiechicken

    A matter of perspective...

    Who knows if those numbers are right...
  14. silkiechicken

    Cornelius the Cockatiel playing fetch!

    So proud of the little girl! She plays fetch with the ball! Chained together pick up stick, carry stick, throw stick over edge of table, throw stick over edge of table into hand, retrieve stick to hand, pick up ball, and retrieve it! Only took probably 20(?) 10 minute sessions to get to what...
  15. silkiechicken

    Pictures of Coop Construction. The first real build is DONE!

    Preface: All coops thus far have been wood and wire tractors and one lowe's play house that was pre-cut. Skill level (1-10) was probably 2. This project in particular was all made possible by the contents of this box which I was lucky enough to be able to find about 6 years ago: It's an all...
  16. silkiechicken

    Will a 4x8 shed blow over if it is 7 feet tall?

    So that's the question... what are the chances of a 7 foot tall coop that sits on only a 4x8 base blowing over in a wind storm? Granted, I live in the PNW, this coop will be in WA, so no tornados or hurcianes, just a big gust or two every 3-5 years that is big enough to knock over trees and take...
  17. silkiechicken

    Sweet corn flavored snacks...

    They are SOOO GOOD!!!! Why don't they make sweet corn flavored snacks in the US? They are all imported and I can't help but to buy some. These things are mouthwatering good, I start drooling as soon as I open the bag and the scent is let out. And this candy is delicious: If they were...
  18. silkiechicken

    Ah, the advantage of having fellow Asian Co-workers

    I don't have to feel bad when I bring in black vinegar pigs feet to work for lunch. It smells wonderful... to us at least, the one Caucasian in the lab isn't in yet, but he's married to an Asian so he probably won't mind either. At least I don't bring in fish and cabbage to microwave.
  19. silkiechicken

    What says guilty more than picking your nose...

    With your middle toe? Yeah, that's right, someone was impatient and decided to play with their to be toys before they were dry. What is it with pets and always wanting to be in your face? Get mobbed by small birds inside when you're eating, and get trampled by birds outside if you are...
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