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  1. LOLH

    Very weak peachick?

    I have a peachick that is a little over 2 weeks old. He was doing great until about 2 days ago. He stopped eating and drinking and he's losing weight and getting very weak. Any suggestion on how I can get him to start eating again. I don't know what happened. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. LOLH

    Help! Chicks leg not under it.

    This 2 day old chick doesn't seem to be able to get its right leg underneath of it. It keeps pushing it out. Has anyone seen this or have any suggestions on how I might be able to correct this.
  3. LOLH

    Sand and kitty litter in Broder

    I just had a couple Pea chicks hatch out and I made a display brooder for them. And I was wondering if I could use sand or kitty litter in the base just for easier cleanup. I guess my question is has anyone used either before? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
  4. LOLH

    Emus for sale

    I have four 6 week old emu chicks for sale in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Asking 150 per chick.
  5. LOLH

    Age of my peafowl ?

    We're not sure of the age of our peafowl as there were no records kept. Does anyone want to take a guess? I will get a better picture of the peahen
  6. LOLH

    Learning to raise and possibly breed peafowl.

    Hello my name is Jeremy. I'm taking over the care of 3 peahens and 2 peacocks we have on the farm. I need all the help I can get since I haven't done this before and from what I've read so far the people on here have a vast knowledge of how to care for and breed peafowl. So I appreciate any help...
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