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  1. al6517

    Sage grouse & young pheasent ready for dinner

    some sage grouse and a couple of young cock pheasent from a recent hunt from south Dakota ready for Sunday football half time dinner. The grouse are really nice and big and the young sharp tails will be a true man treat tomorrow during half time. I will prepare them special and me and the boy's...
  2. al6517

    Got Flogged by A rooster tonight

    So I am going about my normal daily chores in the chicken breeding condo as usual, going from pen to pen feeding and watering, collecting egg's and all the normal stuff. I always save the big layer pen for last, so I goes in look around the water is full and the feeder full, I turn to gander in...
  3. al6517

    Hatchery Industry, the truth ( Graphic )

    For those of you who are totally loyal hatchery customers and will defend them and their practices at every turn, verses buying quality well bred birds from a breeder, please view this video and form your own opinions. Please to don't watch if you have an overly sensitive nature. Please try and...
  4. al6517

    Okie POOPS Hotel/Motel list

    To all Okies who plan on attending the 2011 POOPS event on May 14th in Fletcher Ok For those of you who may want to, or are thinking of staying in a Hotel/Motel during the weekend of POOPS, whether it be Friday or Saturday here are a few of the closer ones, I will update this list to include...
  5. al6517

    P.O.O.P.S People Of Oklahoma Poultry Swap....... Event

    al6517 wrote: P.O.O.P.S People Of Oklahoma Poultry Swap "2011" OFFICIAL EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT" I am proud to announce to all Okies in the BYC members That the Spring 2011 Event=...
  6. al6517

    Wild Birds carriers of Lice/Mites, Your thought's

    I wanted to get your thought's on weather or not wild birds are the reason your Birds (kept secured in Coop's & run's ) are the reason your chickens get Lice/Mites. These small birds can get through chicken wire and once they know where the feed bucket's are they come every day. Have any of you...
  7. al6517

    New Breed meat bird project is under way.

    Well the hatch is on and they are popping out very well.................... This hatch is kinda special because there are several of my projects eggs in this hatch. those of you who know me know I am working on breeding a new type of self sustainable meat bird and have several combo's hatching...
  8. al6517

    Gypsy's has anyone ever met a real one ??

    I was just wondering if anybody has ever met any real Gypsy's that live the Gypsy lifestyle. I have met and spent a few day's with some many years ago in eastern Europe, I thought they were so cool because they were the real deal, living in Caravans and traveling everywhere. So if you've met any...
  9. al6517

    Oklahoma "2010" People of Oklahoma Poultry Swap in the Book's Pic's

    Our "2010" Oklahoma POOPS event ( People Of Oklahoma Poultry Swap ) is in the books. We had our event on Saturday May 1st, and there were 144 people in attendance, it went all day and ended around 11:00 pm. We had many special things happen this year, to include a special home school graduation...
  10. al6517

    Had too many Quiters on the last hatch ??

    I had well over 20 quiters on my last hatch, they were all very well developed with the egg sacks fully consumed and everything. I have never had so many before maybe 1 or 3 but not 20, the incubator conditions were perfect all the way through the hatch. Anybody have any Ideas on what may have...
  11. al6517

    Oklahoma's spring event....... it's Official

    2010" OFFICIAL EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT" I am proud to announce to all Okies in the BYC members That the Spring 2010 Event= People Of Oklahoma Poultry Swap Has been Officially set. WHEN= Saturday, May 1st 2010 WHERE= OKC east KOA Campground, 6200 Choctaw rd, Choctaw Ok WHO= All Oklahoma...
  12. al6517

    Okies POOPS or COOPS Vote here

    To all Current Members of The Okies in the BYC Thread : During our September fall POOPS event we held a meeting at the end and it was open to all members where we discussed many things. We talked about way's to improve our next / future events, and there about 20 or so in attendance, One thing...
  13. al6517

    Congrats to the Okies for hitting 50,000 post

    50,000 post WOW !!!!!! what a great group of people commited to making the BYC a fantastic place to make friends. AL
  14. al6517

    How cool is this !!! talk about Foo-Foo birds !!! ( PIC'S )

    These pic's were takin at the Shawnee Poultry show, I never knew they had birds like this. Now all you girls can run out get some of these Foo-Foo birds to add some Shock & Awe to your flock. P.S. I don't know the breed name of these birds...
  15. al6517

    ?? Moving a meat bird Tractor ??

    I want to hear from those of you who use Tractors for raising your meat birds, I understand how to use them but I need to hear the pro's and con's about the actual moving of the tractor. I am drawing up plans now and would like to know what problems if any you have with moving them. My big...
  16. al6517

    Rooster Infertility !! What can cause this ??.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this. I am well aware of things like age and diet, but what about Illnesses, drug interaction, habitat, things like that. I would even entertain an Ole wifes tale or two. And if so is there a cure or comeback for it, perhaps a concoction to inprove...
  17. al6517

    Comb ID for Polish & Sultan Roosters

    I have a few Polish and Sultan chickens I got for my DD & DW to raise, I would like to know the best ways to Identify Roosters in these top hat breeds (Hairdo chickens). I need to see some Pic's of this breeds combs and feathering, they are about 6 mo old...
  18. al6517

    Plymouth White Rock's post your pic's here !!!

    I would really like to see photo's of your White Rocks and give an explanation of their backround and breeding, age size, growth, things like that. AL
  19. al6517

    Oklahoma POOPS "2009" Chickenstock Pic's

    Well our Oklahoma POOPS (People,Of,Oklahoma, Poultry, Swap) "2009" is in the books, our event was held this last Saturday Sept 26th, in Oklahoma City. I fantasic time was had by all with in excess of 130 people in attendance and fun and games for all. Please have a look at the following Pic's...
  20. al6517

    Mentally Traumatized Hen ?????

    I was wondering if any of you have ever witnessed this type of behavior before. About 3 months ago she was in a big coop & run with about 15 hens and a good rooster, my layer flock. Then one night the nightmare happened and the flock was massacered by a very evil big momma coon. The coon killed...
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