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  1. Macchickenman

    All 5 chickens dead or missing

    I am so sorry to hear this... Mine are a year old and Thank God, fine, but I have a buff orpington and she is my favorite!!
  2. Macchickenman

    Help! My Chickens have not laid eggs in several Months~

    Good advice from our community and I am sure you will be on the right track now.. Good luck!!
  3. Macchickenman

    New member in Central Florida

    Thomas.... Welcome!!! Congrats to living your dream in Florida... Chickens are wonderful pets and I hope you enjoy.. I have only four about 10 mnths old but I am loving having chickens... Take care, Mac
  4. Macchickenman

    Locking chickens in coop vs leaving access to run?

    I like your attitude.. I wish it was the late 1800's...
  5. Macchickenman

    Locking chickens in coop vs leaving access to run?

    My coop and my run are surrounded by 1/4 by 1/4 hardware cloth attached w screws and washers....Aint nothing getting in .... Top, sides and bottom are hardware cloth so there isnt anything other than a bear that can get them... With all the work and love that got them to the 10 month age that...
  6. Macchickenman

    Review by 'Macchickenman' in article 'How Much Space do Chickens Need?'

    I thought that this was well written and with lots of info for us chicken people.... I have had my flock of four girls for about 9 months now and have loved every moment....
  7. Macchickenman

    Dog Attack

    Best of luck and yes, welcome to BYC!!!!
  8. Macchickenman

    Raccoon attack

    Thanks to the Roosterhavoc reply I just bought some rat traps.... 9.99 and a drywall bucket.... Have four hens and when they are in the yard, I leave the run door open... A small rat got in and was running around... Disgusting........I am sorry about your ducks... I would lay out under a blanket...
  9. Macchickenman

    I had to do it...

    She is so beautiful..... Do you have a diaper for her? How do you let her walk around? Love to do that too.. there are times like yesterday when I hear a tapping at the back door and when I open the door there are 2 or 3 of them standing there, like, "let us in"
  10. Macchickenman

    What predator could have killed my chickens?

    So sorry for the loss.. I have four hens about 6 months old and am worried overtime they are out....
  11. Macchickenman

    Giving your hens the right food....

    HI all, I have four hens of different breeds... They are 5.5 months old and two of the four are laying.... My question is..... I am giving them treats like sunflower seeds, scratch, spaghetti.. (they love it!!!!) corn, hard boiled eggs.... They are not eating their layer food from Southern...
  12. Macchickenman

    We just got our first egg!!!!!

    We just got our first egg!!!!!
  13. Macchickenman

    Review by 'Macchickenman' in article 'Keeping Chickens Without Free Ranging'

    Great info as I worry so much when my chickens are in the yard......
  14. Macchickenman


    One additional photo.... box that screws came in from HD
  15. Macchickenman


    I have some suggestions... 1 Don't use chicken wire... too weak and openings too large.. 2 Use 1/2 x 1/2 inch hardware cloth and use screws w washers, not staples. 3 Put either a skirt of 2 foot wide hardware cloth around the perimeter and pin to ground... Let grass grow thru it or do what I did...
  16. Macchickenman


    I am in Bethesda, Md just outside the beltway... We have four girls, black austrolorp, buff orpington, ameraucana, and a cream legbar.. 4.5 months old.... Loving it!!! Just finishing up my coop and run...
  17. Macchickenman

    Review by 'Macchickenman' in article 'Ten Reasons You Should Spend Ten Extra Minutes With Your Flock Every Day'

    Great article and great idea.... Spent 5 hours with them today and feel blessed.....
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