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    Chicks & Red Poop: should I be concerned??

    Hello BYC. So i have been raising 15 chicks for 2-3 weeks. I bought them from and they have all been doing splendidly, with no deaths so far. I've been keeping them in a kennel/cage (perfectly sanitized new) with towels (changed every few days) pellets, medicated chick feed a...
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    Hen Won't Accept chicks: what to do?

    Hello BYC Just last night, I attempted to "swap out" 7 of my hen's eggs with 8 baby chicks. She had been broody for about 3 weeks now, and we had set up an area in the garage with everything both she and the chicks could need. Her eggs were not fertilized so we had to buy 1-day old chicks. When...
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    Hi BYC

    Hello everyone! I have been using this site for a long while now as my ultimate Go-To when I have questions, as it always has the best info and answers related to chickens. finally, I decided it was high time to create a profile and become a member of BYC. I have had chickens for 5 years...
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    My Broody Hen Won't Accept her new Placement

    hello everyone about a week and a half ago it became obvious that my hen Aurum was broody. She had made her own little nesting spot in the hosta plants by our hot-tub, and was found laying on 10 eggs. She was broody last year, choosing the coop as her nesting spot, but we had to break her out...
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