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  1. True Patriot

    What breed is she?

    She's about 11 weeks, I got her as part of a mystery chick box from MPC. At least I'm pretty sure she's a she.
  2. True Patriot

    Wound products discussion

    Over my time here on BYC I have read a lot of injury posts. There are a lot of excellent responses. The products recommended are widely ranged and vary. I'd like to open a discussion as to why you use/recommend a certain product. 1- what product do you use? 2- what is the availability/cost? 3-...
  3. True Patriot

    Supplementing free range with feed

    My chicks are currently 7 weeks. They free range during the day. Judging from the amount of feed I have to add daily, I'm approximating that it's about 50% of their daily intake.(possibly less) I have them on a 20% grower (Dumor) and supplement water with poultry cell 2x a week. I planned on...
  4. True Patriot

    The perch experiment

    I'm linking this thread to my article on my experiment with different perch materials. Results of the experiment will be posted in the article. Link-
  5. True Patriot

    What am I? (MPC mystery chick6,7&8)

    The final batch... Chick6: Chick7: Chick8: Thanks to everyone for wading through my bad photography skills and giving me you insight. Sexing them all would be nice but that will sort itself out when the eggs start dropping. Mainly I'm dying to know the breeds. Thanks again
  6. True Patriot

    What am I? (MPC mystery chick3,4&5)

    Continuing on with my mystery batch Chick3: Chick 4: This one started crowing so..... Chick 5: The closest I've been able to guess from looking at pictures is welsummer. Nor sure if I'm even close on that though
  7. True Patriot

    What am I? (MPC mystery chick1&2)

    Hello chicken land! My mystery chicks from MPC are now 5 weeks old.:D So far health has been excellent, not a single issue. I started with 10, unfortunately I am now down to 8. Had a bit of an issue with a hungry snake.:mad: Learned some hard lessons from it and now moving on.... As I said...
  8. True Patriot

    Mystery crowing?

    I have 8 mystery chicks from MPC. They're almost 5 weeks old. (I don't know what breeds or sexes, that's for another post) so, on to my question. At what age do they start crowing? I'm pretty sure one is trying now. Let me explain... I leave for work about an hour before sunrise. Yesterday when...
  9. True Patriot

    Snakes *disturbing photos*

    So. Went to work today after seeing to the morning routine. Everyone came to the door and greets me just like every day. Came home and found a snake, in the coop. With two tell tale lumps. I know it did not get in through the coop. All hardware cloth is sandwiched between the plywood and the...
  10. True Patriot

    Sharing new flock

    Well, today is pretty exciting. :yaMy order from MPC finally came in:jumpy I couldn't decide on what breeds I wanted. (Actually I want them all:D) So I went ahead and got 10 mystery chicks. Post office called and went to pick them up this morning. The drive home took forever, listening to my...
  11. True Patriot

    What am I missing?

    My chicks ship from MPC the week of the 25th. I couldn't decide what breeds so I'm getting 10 mystery :jumpy. I've built a brooder box 2x4x2 feet to get them through the first couple of weeks. Cozy coop heater on one end. Food and water on a hardware cloth platform on the other. Have starter...
  12. True Patriot

    Question about feral hogs?

    Getting ready to build new coop. Been looking at a lot of designs and taking in a lot of information about predators. Has anyone had any experience with hogs? I don't think they would prey directly on chickens, but will they try raiding food supplies? The design I'm settling on includes a...
  13. True Patriot

    Timing for chicks to be placed outdoors?

    What is the average age for chicks to be living in the main coop? I finally have a design for a coop that I like and will be starting to build. I was wondering when I should order chicks. I'll be brooding them indoors and I live in southern Georgia. Already hitting 90's during the day. Which...
  14. True Patriot

    Build bigger coop?

    I'm planning on building a new coop. My question is, I'm going to be starting small 3-4 chickens. But I plan on expanding my flock in the future over say 3 years, to about 12. Would it be better to go ahead and build the bigger size? The winters here are mild and not a problem. The summer is hot...
  15. True Patriot

    Hello from coastal Georgia

    Greetings everyone! I'm new to raising anything other than my dogs and some aquarium fish. Been looking to raise some chickens and starting a small homestead. I'm currently living in the coastal Georgia area ( near Savannah) and have plans to be purchasing some land within the next year. In the...
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