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  1. Moochie

    Rabbit doe not gathering hay means not pregnant?

    Thanks for the tip! The kits are munching on the pellets, is that okay? Also, does anyone know what is a fair rehome/sell fee for them? I was told around $40 to ensure a good home but I thought that was a bit much. I'm not really in it for the money, I just enjoy raising animals. However I don't...
  2. Moochie

    Caught with Chickens in Denville NJ

    When all is done I suggest building a coop and run for the birds. Don't think I could ever let any of my animals roam the neighborhood, especially my chickens. Too dangerous!
  3. Moochie

    Pokemon thread~!

    Hey, pokemon fan here :-) I play x and when I was a kid I played pokemon on an old gameboy color. I'm not super pokemon knowledge savvy, but I know some stuff. I'm more of a Skyrim person lol.
  4. Moochie

    for $10 would you?

    No. FTDWY drink a bottle of ranch dressing?
  5. Moochie

    What dog breed should I get?

    Great Pyrenees. There are breed specific rescues and good breeders out there.. good breeders are just expensive. Shelters have them and Pyrenees crosses.
  6. Moochie

    Have you ever kept chickens illegally?

    Yes lol. My residential neighborhood is supposed to allow 12 chickens and rabbits total, not 12 of each. I've got over 40 birds and 5 rabbits, 3 of them with kits and the 4th doe due March 10th. Luckily for me I live in the desert ghetto, extremely small town, small community, with neighboring...
  7. Moochie

    Rabbit doe not gathering hay means not pregnant?

    UPDATE : She had 6 kits and now they're a week old. My other two kindled during the weekend! Sorry I couldn't update sooner! Will post pics once the kits open their eyes and start becoming more adventurous. Right now they stay in all the fluff. They're all first time moms and they're doing...
  8. Moochie

    Obsessed With The Walking Dead!!!!

    I've been a long time zombie fan as well.. And vampire and werewolf fan. I just wish the zombies weren't so amateur, I want to see some challenges... I wanna see who the new guys are, guy with the moustache may just be what this show needs! Moustaches make everything better. The show needs at...
  9. Moochie

    Obsessed With The Walking Dead!!!!

    Wow there are many great horror movies out there that are not lame. Unless you are talking about Twilight. Lol. Have you seen the werewolves in Twilight? My favorite werewolves by looks are from the movie Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman. Best transformation scene belongs to American Werewolf in...
  10. Moochie

    Anyone else love going to flea markets with animal sales?

    I like flea markets. There's an animal auction out in town and it's usually fun. I like to spend my saturday mornings there. Last Saturday I found two puppies in a cage labeled "FREE". Extremely sad. I took them both and found them homes right away. Didn't want them to become bait dogs. They...
  11. Moochie

    Rabbit doe not gathering hay means not pregnant?

    A week and still no babies. False pregnancy? What should I do now?
  12. Moochie

    Obsessed With The Walking Dead!!!!

    I'm actually kind of getting bored of the walking dead. I wish the zombie virus would evolve or something and more action would be incorporated into the show. How awesome would it be to see a bloater in TWD? Or a witch? I'd love for the virus to infect dogs too, the infected dobermans from...
  13. Moochie

    Rabbit doe not gathering hay means not pregnant?

    Thank you so much for answering. :-) She still has not kindled yet but is showing promise. I put hay into the nest box to encourage her and she goes in re-arranges, takes naps, goes in to re-arrange again.. etc. Lol. She is eating a lot more and growls at the buck. Have never heard a rabbit...
  14. Moochie

    Dogs? Good or bad?

    I partially don't agree with this. "Teacup" is a word used to bring in more buyers but small chihuahuas are very real, registered responsible breeders won't call them teacup though. A well bred apple head should be no heavier than 4 lbs. I like chihuahuas, especially calm, mellow ones. I babysat...
  15. Moochie

    Rabbit doe not gathering hay means not pregnant?

    I have a doe due soon and I caught her gathering hay 3 days ago, I moved her into her birthing area (nest box, plenty of hay, greens, fresh water, away from her sisters) but now she isn't trying to make a nest anymore. This is my first time with rabbits so I'm wondering if this is normal with...
  16. Moochie

    Mixed rabbits - Any guess on breed mix?

    Pets. The previous people who had them, their grandmother (who is friends with my mom) wants a baby though. Maybe I will have one of them bred, maybe not.
  17. Moochie

    Mixed rabbits - Any guess on breed mix?

    So they are all siblings. There is a black one (the one exploring the plate), but I gave him back to his original owners because the owner's son was crying very bad and missing the bunny.. Anyways there is a blue eyed white and the two brownish colored ones, all girls. I am wondering what kind...
  18. Moochie

    12-week old guinea flew the coop

    I kind of have the same problem with older guineas. My pair flew off into the neighbor's tree. I left them in their closed coop and run for a couple of months and I thought they would know to come back when I free ranged (in my backyard) them today. Apparently not. Have you tried luring them...
  19. Moochie

    Made a free ranging mistake and now my birds are in the neighbor's tree.....

    Title basically. I have a pair (male female) that I thought could free range with my chickens and when I took my eyes off of them well they flew off.. Went into the next door neighbor's tree. When I sun rises I will try to lure them with feed back into the yard. If they are still there.. It was...
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