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  1. AkTomboy

    My heart is bleeding, my soul broken ~ my little brother died

    I posted him on here under the men of byc thread and well tonight is the first night I’m home alone since the horrid call. I’m heartbroken to say the least, he was my best friend in the world he took me for my good (very little), my bad (lots) and my very bad (tons). He loved me for me, even...
  2. AkTomboy

    Would you buy a ND goat who is Neg, but is in a herd with a Pos?

    I am getting ND goats this year, we have been planning for two or so years to add them to the crew here. A person is selling a few of her herd there are two who are Neg but they do live with a few that are Pos.... so what would you goat ppl do? ETA the herd is tested and two of them are Pos...
  3. AkTomboy

    Slight rant* Knowing what height your equine is.... only 4" in a Hand

    Okay so this is a huge peeve of mine and this is just my two pennies. A equine’s height is measured in hands… there is 4 inches in a hand. Say you have a horse who is 60” tall that is 15 hands, 61” inches is 15.1 Hands , 62” = 15.2, 63” = 15.3 and the big kicker 64” is 16 hands!!! No...
  4. AkTomboy

    How Alaskans take care of a bear in our coop~~ I think its funny this made the news as I have know of 4 others in my surrounding 100 miles that never did But none the less bears down and food on peoples tables while chickes keep laying away!
  5. AkTomboy

    Chick cant stand ~~ not splay legged Update last post

    I have a chick who is only a few days old that is not able to stand. It does not have splay leg, and was not helped out of the shell it did it all on its own. Its legs are out front making him sit on his hocks, it is full of life and rolls and schooches around so much so it has two sores on...
  6. AkTomboy

    1st time runner owner and 1st swim :D

    I just got my very first runner ducks! 6 lil goobers who are just way to cute 2 blacks, 3 yellow and tan ones and 1 blue and yellow. Here is a couple of videos from the first swim time in the tub. Ill get some pics and hope all you duck people can tell me what color babies ill have
  7. AkTomboy

    Herniated disc, back surgery anyone?

    So anyone else had a back surgery due to a herniated disc? Here is the rundown of what is causing me to have one. Oct 14, 08 I fell over 12 feet off a mountain while elk hunting and then walked threw water that was up to my chest another two miles back to camp (not an approximant distance)...
  8. AkTomboy

    All who have traveled with toddlers on a plane ~ advice? Update!

    We are flying from AK to SC and well I’m not looking forward to the 14 or so hours just for my sake but add my crib midget and well this is now where we are at. So where else can I turn to but my fellow BYC’rs!? I am sure many of you have flown with your little ones and can tell me your...
  9. AkTomboy

    If you are warmer than -58........

    Please stop whining! It is -58 this morning! It is only going to get colder and isn’t going to leave until March! I still have all my chores as do you all horses, chickens, alpacas and the other slew of animals I have. You know the routine feed, water, clean hooves, and check over all...
  10. AkTomboy

    Please Help ~~ I need a Hawaiian Sweet Bread Recipe

    Alrighty then BYC peeps I know you can help me out on this. I got one of the guys at my hubbys Fire Dept who is missing home made Hawaiian sweet bread. I have tried two recipes I found and neither is light enough or sweet enough. So if yall have any ideas that would be great! Thanks
  11. AkTomboy

    Prayers needed for those in an Orlando shooting

    Another sad day with a mass shooting in Orlando today. 2 dead and 8 hurt 4 baddly injured. They are now looking for a Jason Rodriguez he is considered armed and dangerous and fled in a nissan Suv with tag D110ux
  12. AkTomboy

    Potty on the potty chair for the first time!!! x2 today :D

    Whooo Hooooo!! My 21 month old crib midget asked for my hand then led me to the restroom and signed potty. So I went to sit him on it just to pretend and he said no and unzipped his p.j.'s. So off they came and so did the diaper and he sat promply on the potty chair all by him self and went...
  13. AkTomboy

    Phoenix ~ 3531.8 miles one way to ~ Heading out

    Yep yep you read that correct 3531.8 miles one way from our nearest airport to Phoenix. We have been looking into a great new addition to our family of critters a wonderful john mule. He is a big worthy boy who is trained to boot ~ dressage ~ driving ~ trails everything! And the dates is...
  14. AkTomboy

    R.I.P. Dusty

    In less than an hour a vet will be here to put my husbands very first horse down. So sad to see such a great animal that is soooo young. He is only 8 y/o have to be put down. I hate the waiting I know it is better for him. He has three holes in his navicular and after many months, different...
  15. AkTomboy

    Chicken Muzzles!!!

    I dont know if this is the right place for this so please move if not. I just found this old Popular Mechanics from July 1938 it it looks like they had chicken muzzles!! How crazy!
  16. AkTomboy

    Nephew with Swine Flu H1N1

    We just got the msg that our nephew in GA has bacon lung. The poor kiddo has super bad Ashma and now this. Any and all thoughts, prayers and good vibes would leave us very greatful. Thank you
  17. AkTomboy

    Extreme Makeover : Home Edition made a new coop!

    How cute they did a Firefighter a new house this week and even made the chickens he had a whole new coop that was out of all recycled items. How cute! I guess if my family was gonna watch one of these shows this was a good one to catch being the hubby is a Firefighter and we have chickens
  18. AkTomboy

    Sweet Pea Salad Recipes needed!! Please

    Okay so I used to love my grandmas recipe. Well she passed a few years ago My uncle got my granparents house and moved all the cooking books and recipes to the basement. Well it flooded!! And its lost. I have looked online and well nothing is near to it. Something is always missing and I cant...
  19. AkTomboy

    Update ~ We Got Coverage!!! With pics!! First Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whoooo Hoooo the first snow flakes of they year!!!!! Saddly it will not stay....yet. Its always funny see how the young chickens act with the first snow. ETA: Sorry they are not the best photos I used my phone. I will get better ones after the Crib Midget gets up. The view out the master...
  20. AkTomboy

    Update First Eggs x5!!! ~~Pics of some of the critters ~ tons of pics

    All photos posted are the lone copyrighted property of Circle Bar Star Ranch and can not be used without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lil Girl Blue Boy Lil Boy Big Black Rebel ~ Who says a working Golden cant be good with chickens? Buffy Momma...
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