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  1. Apriljc

    They've all hatched! - some notes...

    Um, they made it a TO the end, not UP the end. Geesh. That wouldn't be comfortable.
  2. Apriljc

    They've all hatched! - some notes...

    11 out of 12 eggs made it up the end and they've all hatched between 21.5 days and almost 23 days. The last two got help. The first...not sure it needed it. I think it was just taking a really long time to dry out those vessels. I awoke at 1 am to it having turned in the shell, bottom out so...
  3. Apriljc

    Very round egg, 24 hrs internal pip but no external pip

    This one was first to internal pip, one of the last to external pip and the first to fully hatch. Funny how they each do things their own way :). Anyway, perfect chick from a round egg!
  4. Apriljc

    Day 22; one hasn't pipped but others have hatched?

    So I reread the hatch assist and found my answer re: appearance of blood vessels. But I'm still unsure on what to do with the unpipped egg?
  5. Apriljc

    Day 22; one hasn't pipped but others have hatched?

    I have 12 eggs. One stopped developing a few days ago - so 11 viable. The end of Day 21 was marked as of 10 am yesterday. Today was the end of day 22. Chicks have been hatching since about 2 am with the 9th at 2 pm today. 2 chicks aren't progressing. One internally and externally pipped...
  6. Apriljc

    Very round egg, 24 hrs internal pip but no external pip

    I hindsight, I probably should not have set this egg bc it is so very round. But here we are. It internally pipped about a day ago. 3 eggs have since externally pipped but this one still has not. The chick is moving in there. Should I make the external pip for it? How long can it go...
  7. Apriljc

    Day 18, small air cells

    This morning will mark day 18. I have been concerned about the air cell sizes in my eggs so I've been running dry for a few days. Some cells have gotten a bit bigger, some not so much. One chick has a lot of fluid - I huge portion of the eggs still glows when candled but it IS alive. I know...
  8. Apriljc

    Can I keep chicks in incubator for a few days after hatching?

    They are currently very quiet and calm. They have had a busy, exhausting day. They are laying near each other spread out a bit and not in a pile. They seem pretty content. I'll at least leave them for tonight. I'm slowly lowering the temp; currently at 97.5.
  9. Apriljc

    Can I keep chicks in incubator for a few days after hatching?

    I have compounding issues. I have the issue of cats and children. I don't want anyone to get burned. Nor do I want the cats to knock it over out of curiosity. Additionally, I can't seem to get them lamp at the right height ( I need a better apparatus to hang it from). I want them out where...
  10. Apriljc

    Can I keep chicks in incubator for a few days after hatching?

    My seven checks hatched today. The will stay with me entail Friday at which time they will be three full days old. Can I keep them in the forced air incubator until then? My heat lamp is giving me a hard time and I'm concerned about fire (they are in my living room). I have cleaned and...
  11. Apriljc

    One pipped today. Now nothing. Humidty/temp questions

    It can take up to 24 hours from internal pip to external pip and up to another 24 from pip to zip. I lost two of my my ten. One was upside down in the egg and one had an air space that was too small so it drowned after attempting to pip internally (at least that's my guess). Humidity is huge...
  12. Apriljc

    How long from first hatch to last hatch is ok?

    I have nine chicken eggs. 7 pipped between noon yesterday and through last night. Five have hatched. Two are working on it. Two have not externally pipped. I candled the latter two. One is not moving. No shadows in the air cell. The second is moving though. im guessing it internally...
  13. Apriljc

    New baby silkie chick hatched sometime this morning

    I think the previous poster is saying to leave the hen, baby, and eggs alone. The hen will wait a while for the other eggs to hatch and will know that to do. It's not uncommon for one to hatch before the others.
  14. Apriljc

    School Hatching Eggs!Help!

    You cannot turn the eggs that are due to hatch. The chick is trying to get into hatching position at that point. I guess I would turn off the turner and hand turn the remaining eggs not ready to hatch, letting out as little humidity as possible.
  15. Apriljc

    Day 5 and i have floaters...????HELP

    I'd give the three more days and candle again to see if there is any development. My floating yolks turned out to be infertile but waiting to be sure is a good idea.
  16. Apriljc

    ? About venting: Day 20, first external pip! 69% humidity...

    Fingers crossed!! 12 eggs...2 infertile, 1 early quitter....9 remain! I've heard some chirps :). I have reached 69% humidity with the top plug out of the incubator bc I read that air circulation is important as they hatch. However, I imagine some hatching will take place overnight while...
  17. Apriljc

    Day 6 looking good

    21 days after the hen begins sitting on the eggs for extended periods is my understanding. The eggs do not develop until they are kept very warm.
  18. Apriljc

    Breaker flipped and Incubator was at 50* when checked.

    I think the biggest problem is that your batch of 52 eggs will have 7 days of high humidity that they shouldn't have and this could lead to those eggs not losing enough moisture before their due date.
  19. Apriljc

    When did you start to see development when candling your eggs ?

    A red ring could be a blood ring indication one that was fertile but dish make it. But--you can wait a few days and check again to be sure. I candle almost daily with no ill effects. I take a few out and into an egg carton, close the bator and go check them out, I return them and get the...
  20. Apriljc

    Hova bator incubator

    So it's possible that the temp was reading very high but the actual temp wasnt that high...are you waiting it out to see if the hatch?
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