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  1. marty8587

    The price of Capons!

    I have an older Brother that is coming for Thanksgiving and is alergic to turkey. The plan was to buy a capon and cook it stuffed like a turkey as he doen't usually get that, but I priced one at Food For Less and it was $3.98 per lb., a $35.00 bird.... What makes them so expensive?
  2. marty8587

    How do you know if a chicken is brooding?

    I have a 6 0r 7 month old barred rock that was laying every day, and now she has stopped for about 3 or 4 days. She is spending most of her time in the nest box but is still coming out to eat and drink. I have no idea when they normally get broody or if this is what's happening.. Any feedback...
  3. marty8587

    I think She's trying for two a days!

    Yesterday all 4 of my girls gave me an egg. Towards early evening Purdy [black sex link] was walking in the yard and I noticed she was trailing what seemed to be egg white and soon she dropped a broken soft egg. She had already gave me an egg in the morning and she's gave me one this morning so...
  4. marty8587

    Greetings from Portland, OR

    My name is marty and I am fairly new to back yard chickens. I built a coop and run in a 8'x 12' dog run I no longer use. I've 4 girls, red & black sex links a barred rock and a white cohin. All are about 6 months old and are laying. I have 3 dogs that are pretty good with them now, and we enjoy...
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