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  1. Apriljc

    They've all hatched! - some notes...

    11 out of 12 eggs made it up the end and they've all hatched between 21.5 days and almost 23 days. The last two got help. The first...not sure it needed it. I think it was just taking a really long time to dry out those vessels. I awoke at 1 am to it having turned in the shell, bottom out so...
  2. Apriljc

    Day 22; one hasn't pipped but others have hatched?

    I have 12 eggs. One stopped developing a few days ago - so 11 viable. The end of Day 21 was marked as of 10 am yesterday. Today was the end of day 22. Chicks have been hatching since about 2 am with the 9th at 2 pm today. 2 chicks aren't progressing. One internally and externally pipped...
  3. Apriljc

    Very round egg, 24 hrs internal pip but no external pip

    I hindsight, I probably should not have set this egg bc it is so very round. But here we are. It internally pipped about a day ago. 3 eggs have since externally pipped but this one still has not. The chick is moving in there. Should I make the external pip for it? How long can it go...
  4. Apriljc

    Day 18, small air cells

    This morning will mark day 18. I have been concerned about the air cell sizes in my eggs so I've been running dry for a few days. Some cells have gotten a bit bigger, some not so much. One chick has a lot of fluid - I huge portion of the eggs still glows when candled but it IS alive. I know...
  5. Apriljc

    Can I keep chicks in incubator for a few days after hatching?

    My seven checks hatched today. The will stay with me entail Friday at which time they will be three full days old. Can I keep them in the forced air incubator until then? My heat lamp is giving me a hard time and I'm concerned about fire (they are in my living room). I have cleaned and...
  6. Apriljc

    How long from first hatch to last hatch is ok?

    I have nine chicken eggs. 7 pipped between noon yesterday and through last night. Five have hatched. Two are working on it. Two have not externally pipped. I candled the latter two. One is not moving. No shadows in the air cell. The second is moving though. im guessing it internally...
  7. Apriljc

    ? About venting: Day 20, first external pip! 69% humidity...

    Fingers crossed!! 12 eggs...2 infertile, 1 early quitter....9 remain! I've heard some chirps :). I have reached 69% humidity with the top plug out of the incubator bc I read that air circulation is important as they hatch. However, I imagine some hatching will take place overnight while...
  8. Apriljc

    Line the bottom of bator for hatch or leave the wire mesh exposed?

    Do you like to put something under the eggs for hatch to collect mess and make an easier surface to walk on? Or do you keep the metal mesh exposed?
  9. Apriljc

    Day 18, small air cells; what to do?

    My chicken eggs will be at day 18 today. I have run the incubator humidity very low for the past several days because I noticed at day 14 that the cells were quite small. Candling them today, a few have increased in size nicely but several have progressed to only a day 14 size. I know...
  10. Apriljc

    Quick brooder question

    My chick embryos are at 16 days and its time to get a brooder ready. I will only have the chicks for a couple of days so I am wondering... Could I just set my genesis incubator lid on top of a box to provide heat for those couple of days after they hatch? I have a heat lamp but found that it...
  11. Apriljc

    Possible no airspace?

    I have chicken eggs that were set on April 30. They have now finished day 3. I candled them to check for cracks, etc (they were given to me fresh, not shipped). I see no air spaces; is that possible? Just poor lighting from candler? Does it even matter at this point?
  12. Apriljc

    Hatchability of eggs with runny whites?

    Hello all! This will be my third year hatching chickens. The first year was a complete failure and the second a complete success (12 eggs, 1 dud, 1 late term loss=10, beautiful chicks). The eggs were provided by my child care client and they will be providing them again. I'm assuming it's a...
  13. Apriljc

    sharing my chick pics

    Hi all. Thought I'd share my chick "portraits" :) They have gone to their brooder at my client's house and have settled in with their chicks very well. Didn't realize I'd miss them so much!
  14. Apriljc

    Great hatch! (stats and pics)

    So, my second hatch went great! My first was last year--set 6 eggs, 2 made it to hatch day, one pipped below the air space and died and the other chirped but never put a mark in the shell :( This year I set 12 eggs, one was either infertile or had a very early embryonic death (no evidence of...
  15. Apriljc

    Float tests results help please

    Good morning. 10 of my 11 eggs have hatched! One has not even pipped though. One egg, before the end of incubation, had become dark except for the air space and had no movement-it may be this one. I candled it this morning; the air cell is drawn down a bit but no movement. I tried the float...
  16. Apriljc

    First to pip hasnt hatched??? But two others have?

    My first chick to pip is just sitting in its egg nibbling on the same area--no turning to zip--meanwhile two have hatched that pipped after it. Thoughts?
  17. Apriljc

    Zipping question-I have when mid process...

    My first chick is about a third of the way through unzipping its egg on day 20. I put the eggs in little beds so the kids couldn't make them roll--wondering, can the chick unzip the backside of the egg if he can't get it to roll off the floor? Sounds silly but I was just imagining it's beak...
  18. Apriljc

    2 pips! Day 19 1/2; humidity and chirp question?

    Firstly, I'm at 70% humidity--is that high enough at this point in lockdown? Also, two pips resulted in outward bump/cracks--is it a bad sign if they aren't chirping?
  19. Apriljc

    Lockdown--should I pick off the wax patch first?

    I patched an egg with some wax. It had a small puncture wound with a scratch--seemingly from the hen's claw? Anyways, a baby has been growing steadily in there so I patched it. The wax is literally on the bottom of the air cell where they are known to pip--should I pick it off? Its...
  20. Apriljc

    How obvious is "drawdown"? (day 18)

    Hi all, We've made it to day 18. Still seeing some movement in some eggs, a couple others are too hard to see in. I've gone to a dry incubator for the last couple of days and some of the eggs have had decent improvement in air cell size--others not so much. How can I tell if its just...
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