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  1. ShaylaFox

    Game x?

    I was given some eggs to hatch on a whim. I was told they were a brown sexlink. This chick hatched from a small, creamy egg. She’s the only one who hatched. Clearly not a sex link. I had given her to my mom so that she could be raised with other chicks but have taken her back because the hens...
  2. ShaylaFox

    Book/Guide/Credible website?

    I would like to start raising, quality, purebred chickens. Is there a book, website, or some kind of guide that explains and demonstrates desired breed characteristics, as well as, how to choose breeding stock? The breeds I’m interested in are -Barred rock -Silver laved Wyandottes -Golden...
  3. ShaylaFox

    Quality rooster

    This is my first chance to breed and hatching my own chicks, as well as, free range. Are there any management practices I can do to ensure I have a protective rooster? I know part of it is instinct. I will be raising purebreds so I can’t just buy a proven rooster. Are there things I can look...
  4. ShaylaFox

    What would you breed a Cornish x hen too?

    I am going to purchase some Cornish x chicks for meat purposes. They will free range and be on a controlled diet. They won’t be permitted to gorge themselves on feed 24/7. I will keep a few hens for breeding purposes. If given the chance, what would you breed the hens to? I am considering a...
  5. ShaylaFox

    Finding fodder seeds?

    If you feed fodder, where do you get your seeds? Due to an unexpected move my girls can’t free range like they use to. They’re bored and my feed bill is steadily climbing due to them not being able to forage. I would like to start growing wheat, barely, or alfalfa sprouts for them. My issue is I...
  6. ShaylaFox

    Mamma heating pad temp check

    This is my first time using a heating pad to raise chicks. I am using a sunbeam, 12x24 inch pad. It does have a feature to stay on 24/7. I have the heating pad on a wire frame, strapped up. It's on the highest heat setting. The heating pad is where the chicks' back can touch it. It's very low...
  7. ShaylaFox

    Feathered out enough to go outside?

    This is a pic of my Speckled Sussex chick. Is s/he and its buddies feathered out enough to go outside to the coop? I’m not sure on exact age. I’ve had them 3 weeks. I’m located in Arkansas. Days are 85+ and nights 65+ degrees. They’re getting restless and bored.
  8. ShaylaFox

    Extra toe?! Lav. Orpington

    I’m looking into buying this 14 week old lavender Orpington rooster but his extra toe is throwing me off. Are Orpingtons known for extra toes? Is he pure as she claims he is? What is the likelihood he passes this to chicks? Is it a serious problem? I want to hatch lavender Orpingtons and don’t...
  9. ShaylaFox

    ISO lavender and chocolate Orpington eggs

    I am looking for lavender and chocolate Orpington hatching eggs!!
  10. ShaylaFox

    Pure Wyandotte Roo?

    From what’s visible, is this rooster a pure silver laced wyandotte?
  11. ShaylaFox

    Giving probiotics and electrolytes

    I am picking up 5 Speckled Sussex chicks and 5 Lavender Orpingtons soon!!’ My question is, is it safe to give probiotics and electrolytes at the same time? Moving to a new environment can be stressful, stress leads to sickness. I want to give them the best chance at staying healthy. I have a...
  12. ShaylaFox

    Golden sex link gone broody... Maybe

    I am so existed one of my Golden sex link hens might be broody!!! I waited as long as I could before I went and bought an incubator (50$) and a broody hen(treated a chick with sister). I had 15+ eggs under her at one time. To try to get her to go broody. I know it has to happen naturally but I...
  13. ShaylaFox

    Broody Hen HELP!!!

    I have a flock at my house which is made up of four golden sex link hens, who are breed to lay eggs, and not go broody. Along with one golden sex link rooster, and 5 pullets. I knew the hens would not set on the eggs so I bought an incubator. The first hatch was amazing, but the second was...
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