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  1. thwoody28

    My Incubator 6

    Just a few pictures of my incubator. We recycled the trays and fan as you can see in the picture - the only $$ spent was on the temperature controller. The controller cost about $60.00. I have hatched eggs from it all summer and had great turn out. My husband designed it. If anyone is...
  2. thwoody28

    Thwoody28s Page

    My little farm: Notta Lotta Acres Farm (New Hope, Alabama) Al-NPIP # 64-1322 Thanks to my husband - he worked so hard on this for me. All my pens are covered and it stays so cool for my chickens. We will soon move my incubator and hatcher into my storage room. This is Ben &...
  3. thwoody28

    2011 Poultry Shows in AL or GA - Does anyone know any upcoming dates?

    Haven't found any.....I know there will be some in the fall - maybe someone will inform us.
  4. thwoody28

    Suggestions for sterilizing my coops.

    I have individual coops for each breed of chicken and I wanted some ideas for sterilizing after I clean the coops out. I have a ground floor and I use wood chips to reduce the dust. Does anyone have any suggestions of maybe a spray or would you just use water with a bleach solution in my...
  5. thwoody28

    My silkie has had a baddddd dayy!!

    I use Wazine - which is a powder that you add to their water. Hope everything gets better for you. Prayers from Alabama.
  6. thwoody28

    My New Barn

    Hello from Alabama - love your new barn idea and location. My husband just finished mine and if you get a chance give mine a view. I am in the process of running my water line and then eventually electricity. Keep the pictures coming. Good luck.
  7. thwoody28

    new chicken member

    Hello & welcome from Wedowee, Alabama.
  8. thwoody28

    I never thought I would enjoy having chickens so much!

    Hello and welcome from Alabama...
  9. thwoody28

    Daddy's Little Helper *** severe cuteness ***

    Too cute - Did she hold the measuring tape?
  10. thwoody28

    Hello from the UK! (with pictures)

    Good luck - hope all goes well for you.
  11. thwoody28


    Hello and Welcome from the great state of Alabama....
  12. thwoody28

    Chicken Names- whats your chickens name?

    I have several pairs of bantams: Ben & Betsy / Bonnie & Clyde / Romeo & Juliet / Hansel & Gretel / Charlie & his Angels (he has 2 hens - lol)
  13. thwoody28

    Please send healing vibes for Petey.

    Petey is in my prayers.....
  14. thwoody28

    Hello from Vancouver Washington....again

    Glad to have you back!
  15. thwoody28

    Hello from MI

    Hello from Alabama
  16. thwoody28

    Hi, first post

    Hello from Alabama!
  17. thwoody28

    CAT food for your chickens - YES or NO & why?

    Quote: Can you tell me about your homemade flock block and how u make it?
  18. thwoody28


    Hello from Alabama
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