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    Flock attacking Mama Hen

    Hi all! Thanks for helping me with my surrogate mama / day old chicks back in June. All are thriving, independent little teenagers now. Problem is the mama. When chicks started venturing into larger chick habitat, Mama stayed behind in the roost area. I continued to provide water and food for...
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    Mama hen being picked on by flock

    I went to spend time this afternoon with my girls. Mama has started taking her adopted babes out in the covered run - most of the other hens spend days under shade of their old coop in the "uncovered" area. I have noticed one senior member of the group menacing mama. Today, while they enjoyed...
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    Building Coops to sell?

    Anyone built coops to sell on craigslist or FB marketplace? I really enjoyed making mine, and curious if it is at all a viable profit center?
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    Mama in labor, doesn't know it yet.

    OK !!!! I AM SO NERVOUS & EXCITED! My barred rock hen has been on her eggs 2 weeks. I have locked remaining hens in their roost area for the night, and provided a separation around the existing nest (as suggested earlier). Once all is pitch dark and VERRY LATE, I am going to bring her a couple...
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    Intro chicks to surrogate

    any and all tips welcome as I prepare to put 2 day old chicks under hen who has been solid broody for 2 weeks. I know ... night time, stealth mode, no light, no noise. I have heard to wipe chicks with damp sponge... and to watch mama to be sure she doesn’t kill babes. What about my human scent...
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    Ready to sneak chic under broody

    ok. 2 questions. Hen has been broody since beginning of month. Got 8 day old chics to put under her tonight. She is nesting on 2nd level of boxes and sits in front of her box and is very alert even at night. I have my old coop available with 2 nest boxes I can access from hinged lid. I think...
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    Randy roo, tired hens, separation anxiety

    OK... I know, from reading through forums, no reason to hold onto a naughty rooster. My plymouth rock boy is only roo with 11 hens. They are so torn up, it's ridiculous. I finally caught him the other day actually standing on one hen and pecking at her head. JERK! He goes round with me every...
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    That wasn't an egg!

    Ok... weird thing... embryo like... maybe 2” long, pink, fleshy blob found in nest box today. My girls roam under trees, all over pasture. Would they pick up up lost fetal squirrel or other thing and put it in the box. I don’t want to be gross, but’s it was still squishy ... the girls have...
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    New member

    1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I got started with my first chicks almost 2 years ago. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 12 (11 hens, 1 rooster) (3) What breeds do you have? 6 R.I. Reds , 3 barred Rock, 3 plymouth rock (4) What are your favorite...
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