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    Eastern Wild Turkey Poults

    Could you give me a price for twelve shipped to 70447? Thanks!
  2. Robbdebbies Chicken Coop

    Robbdebbies Chicken Coop

    Here is our Coop!!! I looked at many of the finished coops here on Backyard Chickens, and tried to take the best from each design. The inclosed area is 8x8, with two 2ft porches on two sides. That way the chickens and I both have a rain shelter. Here is the front: Here is the back before the...
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    Chicks from Ideal arrived

    So cute! What breed are they?
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    Is there such a thing as a naturally caponized rooster?

    I have a hatchery breed golden lace Cochin I call Lola. "She" was very weak as a chick, and required a lot of butt cleaning and extra care. She feathered out very slowly from the begining, and took maybe two months longer than her brothers and sisters to feather out. She is about 10 months old...
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    Before culling this sweet girl... any suggestions on mystery ailment?

    I have noticed that some of my chickens take having worms or mites harder. Also being wormed is hard on them too. So, I have had two chickens that stayed the exact way you are saying after treatment. The only other suggestion I would give you is giver her some yougurt and vitamins to see if she...
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    Help, need advice on poultry net fencing against raccoons!

    I think you are looking at a situation where the only true safe situation is a covered run with hardware cloth. The poultry netting will not help if there are trees for them to climb. How about livestock guard dog?
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    do broody moms know when "lock down" is

    I think it is a fair question to ask. I learned that the bad eggs get tossed out towards the end. I think we all should remember that there are no dumb questions. Also, everyone was new to something once.
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    Need started meat chickens in Louisiana. Any ideas?

    Well, we are new to 4h, and my son's 4h teacher is more into the other aspects of it. I guess they aren't really into the livestock portion. I have been asking about when he is supposed to order the meat chickens to bring to which show. Anyways, the teacher told me on Friday the show is the...
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    Anyone else disappointed by their christmas??

    I know it is hard to put so much thought into presents, and then not get the same back. It is more like an expression of your caring about me. At least that is what I thought it to be. I finally figured out that I express how I feel about you and appreciate others with rhoughtful gifts, but...
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    Terror on the roost

    Mine never fight about space. They have so many different options in my coop. I have a couple of really fluffy dark spots on the floor that the silkie showgirls like. Then there are the too tall nest boxes that some like to sleep in, and some like to sleep on top of them. There are also roosting...
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    Whats YOUR Dog's Name?

    My dog's name is Pequod, named after the boat in Moby Dick... ...lon story lol!
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    Who has Red Silkies?

    I know that Jerry was selling them for the price of shipping. They are just like the ones posted. I have a little hen. She is so clean and shiney. Healthy too. Through all the sickness in my coop she has not had one problem. She also has gotten no mites. She is just a sweet and clean thing. If...
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    Started Reading "Pastured Poultry Profit$" - Joel Salatin

    It is his book, and he can write whatever he wants in it j/k Doesn't mean you have to buy it, or even read that part. It would be different if it were a text book for a class, but it isn't. They are his thoughts, and his methods of doing things that have worked for him.
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    House is a mess ...

    I have a very hard time keeping my house clean. I am really trying to learn how to maintain and keep up with everything. Today I cleaned up the chicken coop, vaccuumed the floors, did the dishes, and started in on my 25 loads of laundry. I swear that it is just easier (but not cheaper) to go to...
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    $100 Coop

    Could you please post more pictures and plans or directions? Getting ready to build a small coop for my 4 bantie cochins. This woulb be perfect for them. It would be located in my fenced in garden, so no need for a run.
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    Who's ready for Thanksgiving?

    We had my daughter's whole play group over on Saturday for a Thanksgiving Potluck. There were 40 people!!!! It was the first time I roasted a turkey, and it turned out perfectly. I brined it with kosher salt, brown sugar, worchshire, garlic, and pepper. I got rave reviews. I was so proud of...
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    Advice on how to try and have a broody adopt day olds

    I have a broody showgirl who finally learned how to actually sit on the eggs. In the meantime I put the eggs she was not keeping warm in the incubator. Well, they hatched. I tried to go out there during the day and give them to her in a new inclosure, but she was more interested in the new digs...
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?????

    I had a baby cochin that was VERY slow to develope. I thought he was going to pass away since he was not growing or maturing. She finally caught up at about 6 months, so there is hope. I did feed her a lot more boiled egg yolks in the begining. Good luck!
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    I know I had to do what was right...

    There was an article posted the other day on Fox news about a lady giving birth after a tubal. Maybe they would pay for a story from you or something that might help. Having two babies after a tubal.,2933,575701,00.html
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