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  1. thwoody28

    Suggestions for sterilizing my coops.

    I have individual coops for each breed of chicken and I wanted some ideas for sterilizing after I clean the coops out. I have a ground floor and I use wood chips to reduce the dust. Does anyone have any suggestions of maybe a spray or would you just use water with a bleach solution in my...
  2. thwoody28

    CAT food for your chickens - YES or NO & why?

    Good morning, I was reading on a post yesterday about some people giving their chickens cat food. Enlighten me on the pros and cons of the cat food. My chickens do not like big pellets so I'm thinking of maybe grinding some dry cat food up just to see if they will like it. If you have used cat...
  3. thwoody28

    2011 Poultry Shows in AL or GA - Does anyone know any upcoming dates?

    I am looking for any Poultry Shows or Fairs in Alabama or Georgia. Please let me know name of shows and dates......Thanks!
  4. thwoody28

    Check out my NEW Refrigabator ! ! !

    Just a few pictures of my Refrigabator (refrigerator / incubator). We recycled the trays and fan as you can see in the picture - the only $$ spent was on the temperature controller. The controller cost about $60.00. I have hatched eggs from it all summer and had great turn out. My husband...
  5. thwoody28

    My New Barn - From 3 pens to 13 !!!!!!!!!

    So proud of my new barn. I started out with a small chicken coop with 3 pens - which I grew out of very quickly. My husband decided to upgrade my chicken coop (truth is he loves all the chickens just as much as I do). We leveled out a spot and moved a small shed that we already had and added...
  6. thwoody28

    NPIP Certification ???

    Just getting my little hobby/business started and was wondering how hard is it to get NPIP certified (Alabama) ? Does anyone have any info? Thanks for the help.
  7. thwoody28

    Diatomacious Earth - Yes or No ?????

    While surfing the web I have noticed that some people use this around their farms and chicken houses - do you use it and if you do where and how much? Any info "Good or Bad" would be greatly appreciated. I wanted to use this for insect control around my chicken pen and in their nest. Thanks....
  8. thwoody28

    VITAMINS for my chicken??????

    I am looking for a vitamin to mix with their water - any suggestions/ideas will be appreciated !!!!
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