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  1. farmer9989

    chicken run

    lets see from the pen/coop to the garden across down the row that needs cleaning up it takes them about a week to clean up tall stands of elbon rye and turnips but they sure have fun doing it then I till and plant
  2. farmer9989

    any ideal of breed

    These are some st run from Ideal poultry. any one have any ideal there kind .thanks
  3. farmer9989

    some ideas on roost

    This was my first thought, it works like I wanted it to then , When I went to scoop the poop , I noticed that they had worms. so my thoughts were how to worm them with out killing my red worms in the barrels . which led me to cut ply wood to cover them . put screws through the ply wood up...
  4. farmer9989


    Mayby some one raising a bunch can varify . I remember sometime ago somewhere Any way using a 9volt battery on carcas after butchering just rubbing it around on it to tenderize it . wonder if it reaily works .
  5. farmer9989

    my chicken pens

    my meat pen chicken house
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