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    Female muscovy being a bully!

    Hey just a quick question, one of our muscovy girls is being a bully and ripping feathers out of our other girls from behind their head (its defintely not our drake, ive seen the girls fighting) We've moved her into an isolated spot with nobody else for now, just wondered how long to keep her...
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    Poor feather quality question

    Hey this is just really a questions out of curiosity. Im aware that Muscovy ducks are more prone to wet feather than other ducks but i was wondering, can poor feather quality also be a sign of worms? I've checked over my ducks and they definitely don't have any mites, unless they're real deep...
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    Detering wild birds?

    Anybody have any tried and tested ways of stopping wild birds getting to your feed? Im fed up with these bloody bin chickens (ibis for anyone not aussie) raiding my food bins. And right now I dont really have the spare funds to be buying a treadle feeder, although if im honest im not sure even...
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    Possible avian cholora in flock

    Hi guys, I've just had to bring one of my drakes inside as his wings and drooped and it sounds like he's having trouble breathing (sounds very strained, as if he were completely out of breath) he ended up getting into a fight so it could just be exhaustion but his crunkling was also quite pale...
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    Wheat under water

    I know ducks love and also need wheat in their diets, I've read several things on leaving wheat under water in a container as it helps clean their bill as well. My question is how long is the wheat good under water? Does it go mouldy after a day and I need to change it and throw old stuff out...
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    Aggressive drakes

    Hey guys, wondering if there is anything that can be done to discourage fighting among muscovy drakes. 2 of our hand raised boys are just constantly going at each other, we don't want to put either of them down as they're both wonderful but they are quite literally beating the **** out of each...
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    Ducks won't go to shelter?

    It seems this happens with every muscovy I have. But we are in our rainy season here in Australia now and are due nonstop rain for the next week. Our ducks have perfectly good shelter to go in to keep dry and warm, which is also where their food and water is. Yet they would prefer to stand...
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    Female muscovy help

    Our oldest muscovy is coming up to around the age where she should start laying. My question is does a ducks behaviour change around this time? She has begun walking very slowly, doesnt seem to be eating or drinking as much and has been spending a lot of time sat down. We have her seperated at...
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    Possible abscess? Please help

    Posting here just in case old threads don't bump, i dont use forums all that much. Just noticed our duck that we've had inside for the past 4 days due to them not being them selves has a lump as pictured under both of their legs. Are these abscesses? If they are what can I do I really don't...
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    Puffy lump under ducks beak. Help

    One of our ducks has developed this soft puffy lump under their beak. Does anybody know what it is and what we can do? We think they might be sick as their beak is very warm to the touch
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    Hand raised ducks question

    A bit of a strange question here but figured someone might know, if not it doesnt matter too much :) We have 5 muscovy ducks that we are hand raising to be friendly, they're growing wonderfully and are about 8 weeks old now, the rest of the ducks we have are all going to be slaughtered for...
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    Wet feather help again.

    So we've had some pretty bad weather and one of my muscovy ducks has ended up with wet feather. I've spent the past 45 minutes or so blow drying him so he is now actually as dry as I can possibly get him. I read somewhere to empty out their pond and keep them dry for a few days to let their...
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    Wet feather during storm

    A little backstory first. We noticed one of our Muscovy ducks wasnt looking too great, feathers were clumped and they were dirty, we thought maybe he was just molting ready for winter, however after a couple of days this hadnt changed at all, so i went out caught him and he was soaked through...
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    Swollen area under chicks beak

    Maybe im just paranoid but i figured it wouldnt hurt to make a new thread about our baby chick we're raising. The last few days she has been pretty lethargic, only wants to cuddle up and stay warm, hasnt been eating or drinking much and has been keeping her feathers ruffled up. Come this...
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    Lump on chickens beak?

    One of our baby chicks has a lump growing on her beak, does anybody know what it is, should it be of any concern? Its slowly grown in size over the past few days. Thanks! :)
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