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  1. leslielbk

    Australorp or Black Giant?

    I had one Australorp and two Black Giants. Two black chickens were killed by a fox. Now I don't know which one I have left! Does anybody know? Thanks!!
  2. leslielbk

    Eye closed eyelid yellow?

    One of my speckled Sussex eye is closed. Her other eye seems fine but she is standing close to the fence with the good eye facing in toward the run. She can't get any of the treats I'm throwing because she can't see them. The other girls are chasing her away. How can I tell what's wrong? The...
  3. leslielbk

    Help!! More photos roo limping badly

    My rooster is still in bad shape. Photos are below, what does this look like???
  4. leslielbk

    HELP!! Roo limping!!

    Hi all - my black giant rooster started holding his left foot up yesterday and today he's limping and just sitting down, obviously in pain. I just took the photos after putting Neosporin on the redness so it's shiny. Both legs are the same temperature His joints move normally I can't see a cut...
  5. leslielbk

    Huddling but not on the roosting poles

    I Have 19 2 1/2 month old chicks in a coop. They aren't using the roosting poles at night, but sleeping in a big giant pile. How can I get them to use the poles? Thanks, all!!
  6. leslielbk

    When is the best time of day to move chicks outdoors?

    Hi all - I'm in a pickle. I have 19 chicks in the house ready to go outside into their coop, but I don't know what time of day is best, and I need any suggestions on how to move them out there. It's a lot of birds, they're pretty big and rambunctious. Do I take one out at a time, or put several...
  7. leslielbk

    Freezing Fermented Feed

    I read a few threads regarding whether or not fermented feed can be frozen. I've got more than I can feed my birds before it'll go sour, so looked into this. This flock is new, as my others were killed by a fox, so I'm starting over. Dusting myself off and all that... They are "free range" which...
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