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  1. Phoenixsw

    Broody hen semi-abandon nest?

    Hello! I need some help. I have a broody BO hen sitting on 13 bantam eggs. She was sitting great, only coming out for maybe an hour a day. Now, 2 weeks in and with the temps outside 55-60, she's off the nest for 6-8 hrs a day. I don't remember this being the case with any of the other broodies...
  2. Phoenixsw

    Will baby go back to mom and be accepted after injury?

    I have a week old bantam chick that fell out of the coop and got stuck btwn a straw bale and the fencing around the bottom of the coop. It was super cold and she nearly froze, but a mouse bit her on the foot while she was stuck and she lost 1 toe and I think might lose a second one. I'm going to...
  3. Phoenixsw

    Help! Injured sick chick need help!!!

    I found one of my babies this morning out of the coop and almost dead. We're warming it up and giving it warm sugar water, and it's peeped, but keeps pulling it's head back. There's a damaged foot, but I don't think that's the issue. Any ideas?
  4. Phoenixsw

    Blue Splash Cochin rooster

    8 month old cockerel, beautiful guy but I can't keep him. Good home only, no freezer camp!
  5. Phoenixsw

    Rooster free to good home

    I need to re-home my Blue Splash Cochin cockerel. He's 8 months old, beautiful, and a great rooster, but I'm not allowed to have him. He's free to a good home, not freezer camp!
  6. Phoenixsw

    Will my rooster stop damaging my hens when he's older?

    Hi! I need some help with my randy rooster, Frosty. He's a fantastic cockerel at only 8 months and takes fantastic care of the girls. The issue is currently 3 of my hens/pullets are wearing saddles, and the other 7 are getting to the point that they are in need of saddles as well. He has wrecked...
  7. Phoenixsw

    2 Andalusian Laying Pullets, 8 months

    I have 2 Adalusians, 1 splash, 1 black, that I need to find a new home for. Both are good layers, usually around 5 eggs a week each. $20 I'm in Colorado Springs.
  8. Phoenixsw

    Standard Cochin rooster with bantam cochin hens

    Hello, I have a question for anyone who might have experience with mixing. I know bantam and standard breeds can co-exist in a flock and that bantam roosters and standard hens can breed. I have a Blue Splash Cochin rooster and a broody Blue Cochin hen and I wanted to sneak some bantam cochin...
  9. Phoenixsw

    Chicken saddle/apron not working or making it worse?

    Hi everyone, I have an EE that turns out to be my roosters favorite. Unfortunately, as you all know, the favorite usually suffers feather loss and sometimes injury. I made a saddle/apron for her, but when I went to change it out, it looked like the saddle might be rubbing on her back when he's...
  10. Phoenixsw

    Young cockerel drawing blood on hens combs

    Hi everyone, I have a 5 month old Blue Splash Cochin and I'm not sure if he's just clumsy, or if he's doing it on purpose, but I have 3 adult hens with damage at the rear and base of their combs. Is this normal, will he get better, or is it a bad behavior or just bad aim? I know regular mating...
  11. Phoenixsw

    Updated photos to help on "What breeds are these?"

    Hello! I posted here at the end of Nov trying to figure out 3 of the breeds I got from My Pet Chicken. They were a Rare Breeds Assortment. I've been able to identify 4 of the 7, but the last 3 are really stumping me. I have ideas, but I'd like some more input. They are now 5 months old, so it...
  12. Phoenixsw

    Bizarre behavior from pullet

    I have a 5 month old Sicilian Buttercup pullet, and yesterday, she started just running around like crazy and flying up onto things. Then she runs into the coop and stays in there. Then she comes out, runs around like a freak, then back in. She's not physically injured, and the other 11 birds I...
  13. Phoenixsw

    Help with 3 breed questions and a gender?

    Howdy everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far. So, I have 7, 8 week old babies I got as Day Old Rare Breed Assortment from My Pet Chicken. Now, when you go this route, they toss in whatever breed is listed in the Assortment description. I have been able to...
  14. Phoenixsw

    Beginning of spurs?

    Hi everyone! I have 2 hens that have developed curious lumps on their legs. My Wellie is being treated for bumblefoot, but other than that, they are both fine and healthy. So when I found these bumps on their leg scales, I took pics. I can't find anything except bcuz of the location on the leg...
  15. Phoenixsw

    Help! Adult chicken pasty butt?

    Hi everyone! I have a SF hen that has what looks like an adult version of past butt (poop on her feathers under her vent), bt she also has something coming out of her vent. I took a pic. I tried pulling on it a little bit, but there was enough resistance I stopped. Other than this, she is fine...
  16. Phoenixsw

    Chickens with bizzare laying behavior

    Ok, I have an odd situation that I wonder if anyone has ever experienced. Here is the odd tale. I have 5 girls. 3 that are 11 months, a BO, SF, and SS and 2 that are 10 months, and EE and a WS. In Aug and Sept of last yr, the BO, SS and EE started laying. Then they had a mini molt in Nov-Dec...
  17. Phoenixsw

    Help with limping chicken

    Hello everyone! I have a BO that is just barely limping, but has a lump on her toe. I would welcome any information anyone might have. She's still eating, drinking, laying, scratching for bugs in the yard (with the swollen toe), her poo is fine she still runs and goes up and down her ramp fine...
  18. Phoenixsw

    Using back feathers to determine gender?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to check and see if anyone has tried or had any luck sexing chicks at 1 1\2-3wks using the little "angel wing " looking feathers on their back that show up after about a week and a half. The first group of 6 chicks I got ended up as 3 pullets and 3 roos. All 3 roos had the...
  19. Phoenixsw

    Buff and Sussex roos need new homw

    I have 2 chickens that were supposed to be hens but unfortunately turned out to be roosters. The BO is almost 6wks and the SS is almost 5wks. I don't want them eaten, so I'd like for them to find a "foever home". Here are pics of the guys.
  20. Phoenixsw

    Need help with gender!

    Hi everyone! I too need some help. I got 6 chicks and they were sexed as hens, but I'm sure 3 of the 6 are roosters. I have 2 BO, 2 SS, and 2 SF. I know the SF is a male bcuz of coloring, but I'm pretty sure one of the Buff's and one of the Sussex are aslo male. The research I've done on this...
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