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  1. mountainchick5

    one lonely chick

    Here's a pic of the little one. It's just seems so lonely. When we go to the brooder it comes right to us and will jump in your hand. So sweet. I'll try and be patient, and hopefully be able to rescue any others in case she rejects them too.The other eggs were added to the nest over a period of...
  2. mountainchick5

    one lonely chick

    My Buff Orpington, Nutter Butter, has been sitting on eggs for about 25 days and one hatched 2 days ago. That's the good news. The bad news is , that she pecked at the poor thing and attacked it. My son luckily was down in the coop when it hatched and scooped it up when he saw her pecking it...
  3. mountainchick5

    sneezing ducklings

    Hello, I am pet sitting my friend's 6 ducklings. They're about 4 weeks old and I've had them for 4days. Yesterday they all started sneezing. They don't have any runny noses and their eyes are clear. They just sneeze, like their trying to blow their noses. I give them a bowl of water and they put...
  4. mountainchick5

    What Breed?

    I can't offer a suggestion, but he is really beautiful!I love his green tail feathers. Your pictures are amazing, what kind of camera do you have?
  5. mountainchick5

    Do Chickens & Bunnies Like each Other?? do they make good room mates??

    I have one female Holland Lop, Biscuit, that thinks she's part of the flock. It started when I let her out of the hutch during the day to run around the fenced yard with the chickens. The chickens decided her hutch was the best place to lay their eggs. So they kind of kicked her out. Biscuit...
  6. mountainchick5

    These chickens are driving me crazy!

    I am so glad my chickens finally love me (ok, so they love the treats) I did this last night and they all ran in, except a few who tried to run out with their treat, but they were easy to get back in. I'm glad I'm not the only one with crazies! and it is hard not stepping on them when I have the...
  7. mountainchick5

    These chickens are driving me crazy!

    It's past ten pm here (and really cold outside) and all I want to do is go out and close the door of the coop, say goodnight to the flock and lock them in, but NOOO, they all come running out! What is the deal?! They're like kids that want "one last drink of water" or something. I don't know if...
  8. mountainchick5

    Is it OK to heat up snacks?

    So it is freezing here, like a lot of other places. I was thinking of what I can do to help the chickens stay warm. I know I like a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to warm me up. What about the chickens? I feed them our leftovers as treats in addition to their layer pellets and a cup of...
  9. mountainchick5

    Denver: Help join effort to change laws allowing chickens

    I wish you all in Denver good luck! There seems to be a big movement in urban farming and sustainability. Seems there would be a positive response in the general public to get the laws changed . I think a lot of people don't know there could be a possibility to owning chickens. Maybe some media...
  10. mountainchick5

    Finally! 27 long weeks of waiting!! pics

    Is she a Buff Orpington? Mine started laying 2 weeks ago, and has given me an egg every morning since! Congrats!
  11. mountainchick5

    Gosh these little chicks can FLY!

    My EE's fly to the top of the fenced yard, only once they jumped over. They're 16 weeks. I think they just like to be higher than everyone else and look down on them, especially since they're the youngest of the flock.
  12. mountainchick5

    A chart showing breeds and egglaying age?

    It seems to me some breeds start to lay eggs at different ages. Is there a chart somewhere that shows the different breeds and when they start to lay eggs? My Buff Orpington started right at 20 weeks and has laid an egg everyday since. My Welsummer laid 3 eggs and stopped. The cochins seem to...
  13. mountainchick5

    How do your chickens amuse you? Stories Please....

    I have 4 that like to come up the stairs onto the deck if I leave the gate and door open, then they come in the sunroom, the rooster crows and they check things out looking for treats.They stand on the hot tub like they want to go for a dip The same 4 everytime, they're just silly. It's also fun...
  14. mountainchick5

    had to bring 8 week old silkie chicks inside - now what?

    I have a similar situation. I have 2 silkies about 8 weeks old, and I think one is a runt. It started to get cold here already and the little one was sneezing so I brought them into a sunroom we have and put them in a big plastic storage bin we had with shavings at the bottom. I put their water...
  15. mountainchick5

    sneezing silkie with video!

    We have a 6week old blue silkie that is sneezing and has a runny nose. I've seperated her from the flock with her sibling that is the same age and also sneezes every so often, but not as much. They're in a bin in our sunroom with a heat lamp. The temps outside have been 45high and high20-low30's...
  16. mountainchick5

    Well, hay!

    I just got a bale of hay to put in the coop on top of the shavings. I heard that it adds some insulation for the winter. The chickens LOVE it! They can nibble on the seeds and it gives them something to do when it's too yucky to run around outside. So far they're having a blast.
  17. mountainchick5

    strange sleeping/resting position

    This sounds like what my chickens do outside when "sunbathing" It looks like they should have sunglasses and a cold drink in hand.
  18. mountainchick5

    Just found my missing broody in a birdsnest IN A TREE- update page 6

    Yes please post pics! A mama chicken in a tree with her eggs, she IS desperate, you HAVE to let her go broody! I like the net idea. Maybe she'll carry them down the tree by the scruff of their necks, like a mama cat. Now that would be a sight!
  19. mountainchick5

    When to Switch to Layer Pellet?

    Purina Flock Raiser has pellets and crumbles. Check their website and see if there's a dealer near you.
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