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  1. chicken farmer meigs


    Hello Montana I am looking for a used American Standard of perfection by APA book with color pictures. So my daughter can use it in 4H next year. She showed this year in open class and was told this book will help her many 4 H years to come. Thank you
  2. chicken farmer meigs


    Quote: Where is that held at ? I've got a tri-colored Wlesh female. Would love to meet up with others that are Crazy for Corgis.
  3. chicken farmer meigs


    Cackleberry coop, I have to write and let you know that the mixed chicks that I got from you about a month ago( meet you in Stevi at DMV) have grown up to be very heathly and friendly. I just moved them from there brooder in the house to there own house outside. I can tell that I have aleast...
  4. chicken farmer meigs


    It happened here. My girls just stopped laying for a few days. I think their ready for spring.
  5. chicken farmer meigs


    Quote: That sounds kind of fun. Iam always looking for ways of getting baby chicks.
  6. chicken farmer meigs

    Which breed for egg laying but also friendly

    my friendliest chickens or barred rocks,light brahmans,and speckled sussex. they follow me around the yard. Plus they all lay nice brown eggs.
  7. chicken farmer meigs

    biggest chicken in the frezer at 8 weeks??

    I got my birds from Quality Supply. not sure where they getthem from. Help a friend butcher on Sat. his birds were 5.5 lb average. w on bird at 7.25 lb. it looked like a small turkey.
  8. chicken farmer meigs

    biggest chicken in the frezer at 8 weeks??

    Hello I butchered 23 bird that where 8 weeks old they averaged 4.5 lb. the biggest was 5.5lb. Just wondering what other people had. Thanks for looking
  9. chicken farmer meigs

    At what age do leg problems and heart attacks start in Cornish X?

    Keep em going until 8 weeks. The heart problem can happen at anytime. Its not really an age thing its more from growing to fast and there hearts and legs cant keep up.
  10. chicken farmer meigs

    What's he looking for? - add a caption!

    I nose I put that seed somewhere!!
  11. chicken farmer meigs

    What BREED is she ?

    I am thinking a royal palm. very pretty $15-$30. IT all depends on your area.
  12. chicken farmer meigs

    Chicken Saddles needed ASAP

    Thank you so much everyone that responed to him cry for help. Everyone was very helpful.
  13. chicken farmer meigs

    Chicken Saddles needed ASAP

    Good morining to everyone reading this. I am in desprite need of 6-8 chicken saddle/aprons for my ladies. Last year on here I saw people making them but cant seem to find them now. I cant sew,and my wife cant eathier. So I am here looking for help The Rooster is doing his job a little to...
  14. chicken farmer meigs

    Extra chick from Mt. Healthy hatcheries

    If he said she would lay a white egg. Then my guess would be a Brown Leghorn. I once ordered EE's and in the mix was a Brown Leghorn. It looked just like the EE's until it got older.
  15. chicken farmer meigs

    How many MEN do we have on BYC?

    I am 118 Happily married but the chickens due strain the marraige some days.
  16. chicken farmer meigs

    Bait for coons

    Anything sweet use lots of it. Fish and cat food work great but you can catch a cat with that stuff to easily.A cat in the trap means no Raccon in the trap. Good luck
  17. chicken farmer meigs

    Add a caption!

    GOOD BOY What does your owner keep in the fridge??
  18. chicken farmer meigs

    Flooring question on my Coop

    My coops have ply wood floors. Just shovel the poop out. As far as wire mesh it could be hard on there feet. if they spend a long time in the coop say a long wet rainy week. They could get sores or bumble foot where the foot sweels up and hard to walk on. You don't want cold air blowing up on...
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    I just a great deal at Quality Supply in Missoula. the have chicks there that are a week old now. The very nice lady in the chick department sold me 25 black sex links for the price of 6. thats right .59 cent apeice. They are getting a new shippment in tomorrow so they need to make room today. I...
  20. chicken farmer meigs


    my Wife has the pultery bug. But no fever yet. At she will like the hens as much as I love them. At least my daughter loves the chickens and wants more every spring.
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