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  1. lindylou47

    Help needed

    My chicken, whos always been healthy as a horse, all of a sudden started spitting up green liquid. I didn't think We had anything around here that they couldn't eat or drink. Anybody ever had this problem before? Really need some suggestions as to what you think it could be, or what I should do...
  2. lindylou47

    Dog bite

    My chicken verna was bitten by a dog 3days ago. She had some very bad ripping on her side, but no bleeding. The wound was pretty deep. We took her in and talked to her till she was out of shock. We put some blukote on the wound. She was up shortly after, she’s eating well, and drinking her...
  3. lindylou47


    How long is mating season for the indian runners?
  4. lindylou47

    Sick Wyandotte

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping Someone will be able to give me some advice. I have a Silver Wyandotte, her name is Margaret(Margy for short) We thought she had the stuck egg problem, can never remember the name they call it. We took her to the vet, and they drained her. We had been giving her warm...
  5. lindylou47

    pine chips

    Good Morning. I am in a real quandary. I have been raising chickens for about 5 years, (Ducks Too). All of a sudden, they hate their Pine shavings. The eldest almost follow right after me, and knock the shavings off as soon as I put them in. We have always used the same shavings as we use now...
  6. lindylou47

    Goldie, indian runner

    Hello. I posted yesterday that my indian runner Goldie wasn't eating or drinking. She also wont raise her head, she keeps it tucked into her body. Does anyone know what her problem might be? Appreciate the help! And ty for the answer I received yesterday, but im really not too worried about her...
  7. lindylou47

    goldie, indian runner

    Hello Again, Goldie quit laying about a week ago, and I wasn't too worried about that, but now she is not eating, or drinking. She seems to be fine, but shes always been a good eater, and loves water. If anybody can give me a suggestion as to what might be wrong, I would Really appreciate the...
  8. lindylou47

    help/pain meds

    My beautiful runner duck Goldie has sprained her ankle/foot. I have been soaking it in warm water and Epsom salts, but Im sure she is in pain. Is there something I can give her for it? Appreciate the help! Thanks
  9. lindylou47

    Pain meds

    My indian runner has sprained her foot. What can I give her for pain? Have been soaking it in warm water and Epsom salts which has helped with the swelling, but I know it is still painful. Appreciate your input! Linda
  10. lindylou47

    lethargic again

    Hello again. Posted last week about my hen. We have given her a couple baths, a probiotic, @ yogurt. We have checked her vent, seems okay, her crop, again seems to be fine. The thing is, she is still very lethargic, moves very slow, and although she doesn't eat as much as she used to, she does...
  11. lindylou47

    Help Please!

    One of my chickens seems to be sick, but not sure what is wrong. She barely walks around with the others, just lays around. She is not eating well either. VERY lethargic. When she does move, its very slowly.Not sure how else to describe it. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Linda
  12. lindylou47

    my runners

    Hi folks. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem. I have 4 indian runners. What beautiful things they are! The last week it has been freezing here. Lowest about 17 degrees. The pond I have for them has been frozen over, and of course for the most part, the ground too. This went on for...
  13. lindylou47

    Goldies poor head!

    Hello again folks. I have recieved some great help here and it is appreciated. My indian runner female Goldie has a problem with her head. I believe it is from being held down for mating. It has become very bald, and raw. I wondered if there was some special ointment or medication I should be...
  14. lindylou47

    indian runner female, need advice

    Hello fellow duck lovers. I will make this as short as possble, but I could really use some advice. I have 4 ducks, 2 indian runners, 1 female, 1 male, and 2 rouens both male,They were all getting along fine, and goldie the female, was the leader. The boys followed her everywhere. WE built them...
  15. lindylou47

    Egg color

    Hi folks. I have 1 orpington, 1 rh. red, and 2 plymouth rocks. They have been laying brown eggs for a long time, but lately their eggs have been white, or very pale brown. Is this normal? I am sure they are healthy. Just thought eggs were always the same color. Appreciate any info! Thanks...
  16. lindylou47

    HELP! One rhode island red dead, wooried about the other

    I will try to make this quick. I have a buff orpington, 2 Plymouth rocks, and now one RI red. The red I have still, starting molting several weeks ago, and I had to seperate her from the others because they kept pecking at her. Then the other RI red starting molting about a week ago and they...
  17. lindylou47

    molting doris

    Hi folks. I have a chicken named doris who seems to be molting. Her head and neck look pretty good, but the rest of her looks terrible. My other chickens have been molting too, but they feathers seem to have grown back pretty quickly. She doesnt want anything to do with the other chicks, and...
  18. lindylou47

    2 rouens, 2 pekins

    Hello everyone. I am new to the boards and have at LEAST ONE question. I hope this doesnt sound silly, but how do you get (friendly) with these darlings? They are 4 weeks old now, and of course growing rapidly. They dont let any of us get too close. I dont want to scare them, so I pretty much...
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