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  1. chicken farmer meigs

    biggest chicken in the frezer at 8 weeks??

    Hello I butchered 23 bird that where 8 weeks old they averaged 4.5 lb. the biggest was 5.5lb. Just wondering what other people had. Thanks for looking
  2. chicken farmer meigs

    Chicken Saddles needed ASAP

    Good morining to everyone reading this. I am in desprite need of 6-8 chicken saddle/aprons for my ladies. Last year on here I saw people making them but cant seem to find them now. I cant sew,and my wife cant eathier. So I am here looking for help The Rooster is doing his job a little to...
  3. chicken farmer meigs

    Buy 1 get 1 free chicks at Quality Supply

    I stop in at the Quality Supply in Missoula Mt. to get feed tonight. They where having a buy 1 get 1 free special on the chicks due to to much carry over from the week before. I could not help myself I got 3 black silkys ond 3 feather footed bantam chicks. The only down side is my wife, she is...
  4. chicken farmer meigs

    First time incubating a great out come

    I started out with 32 mixed breed chicken eggs to see if the roosters were good at there job. At day 10 candled and thru out 10 glowing eggs. At day 18 recandled them and culled out 3 eggs that did not grow. Started to hatch on the 19 day and finished on the 20 day. I got 11 baby chicks from 19...
  5. chicken farmer meigs

    early hatch on day 19

    I have 2 dz. mixed eggs in my bator set to hatch on tuesday. woke up to find a little fluff ball coming out of an egg early. should I take it out thru the veiwing window once it is conpletely dry or leave it in the bator for a few days as not to up set the dont touch rule of incubating. ther are...
  6. chicken farmer meigs

    Here is other new chick 4 week old what breed??

    Hi Icant figure out how to post two pictures at once. What breed and sex is this one thank you
  7. chicken farmer meigs

    two chicks that are 4 weeks old what are they??

    Hi I got this new chick that is 4 weeks old what sex are they and what breed is it? Thank you[/img]
  8. chicken farmer meigs

    repair part for a Hova-bator

    Hi I bought a hova-bator used. I would like to know where to find a motor for the egg turner. All I can find on the internet is for little giant or the high end cabniet bators. thank you for any help.
  9. chicken farmer meigs

    First chick from my two broody slikys

    My two white silikies are sharing a nest. It statred out with 8 eggs then they culled it down to 4 eggs. I went out today to check on them and seen one of my golden sex links carring off a dead baby chick, that she stoll from their nest. I moved the to new mommies in the back porch to hatch out...
  10. chicken farmer meigs

    Leather like egg shell

    I have a seven young hens that are starting to lay. I am getting an egg thats shell is like leather, not hard shelled like the rest. THis egg is from a barred rock or a golden sex link. It has happened now four or five time. They are on layer pellet with oster shell mixed into the food and a...
  11. chicken farmer meigs

    Hello Westren Montana

    Hi I just started this site a few weeks ago and was wondering if there was any one from Westren Montana, I found a few from Central and Eastren. Just wondering , cus I have a few extra Blue Polish roosters I would like to trade But I dont think they would ship well. Thank you for your time
  12. chicken farmer meigs

    White silkie face coloring

    Hello this is my first post. I have a one year white slikie that has a red waddle,comb,face coloring. I also have a three month old sikie that is black on the wadle,comb.face. In all the sites on chickens they say a black face is what they should have. So my question is how did the the older...
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