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  1. me2pl

    rooster got a sore throat? this could be important

    our silver seabright bantam rooster seems to have a cold. this seems harmless, but he hasn't been eating . . . this rooster is not nice, and we have a developing replacement, but we don't want this one to go 6 ft. under. what should we do???
  2. me2pl

    Baby rooster identification?

    YEAAAAAAAH!!! the chicks we ordered in march finally shipped. . . but how we tell if we got a rooster or not? Our only experience with baby roosters was with a silver seabright roo, which has the same plumage as the hens. any ideas?
  3. me2pl

    HELP! Butte County, California rooster needs home!

    My family here in Chico need a home for a silver seabright rooster. I will be frank here, he is mean, tiny and has an issue with crossbite, but we have a new rooster on the way and would like to breed with him. please contact us any way you can.
  4. me2pl

    mille fleur-miracle

    once upon last summer. . . our good friend's neighbor (who is totally crazy) got mad at them for their dog that would bark and wake his wife up in the middle of the day (because she sleeps then). they gave their dog to us, this would be our 3rd dog in current residence. our other dogs were good...
  5. me2pl


    regretfully, i must get rid of my little rooster to make room for a small scale breeding operation. we are looking for a home for a silver seabright rooster, we live in Chico California, and are not willing to ship, but may be willing to deliver within Chico limits
  6. me2pl

    getting started

    I am planning to do some small scale breeding of the rare barnevelder chicken breed. any tips help. I appreciate your participation wether you are responded to or not, thank you.
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