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  1. Lmfletcher

    Massive eggs, runny bum and prolapse

    So I have an ex bat who has been laying for us on and off since we got her (and her three sisters, two are regular healthy layers, third one doesn’t lay at all , no idea why). At first hers were normal size, brittle shells and now they are every other day giant eggs (give or take depending her...
  2. Lmfletcher

    Pasty Bum Help

    Hello, I recently added a buff orp into our brooder with our other chicks, at first the buff was a bigger than the current chicks So initially bullied them and pecked at their faces. A week later, said buff chick has pasty bum, hasn’t grown at all and will cry Loudly on and off through the...
  3. Lmfletcher

    Hatching help pip!

    Hello, first time Hatcher! in a nut shell, got 6 eggs on day 21. 11pmish first pip, woke up this morning and 4 more had pips ... my 11pm pip has cracked a considerable amount but not come through the shell yet. Another one I’m wondering about , part of the shell has come off but white/yellow...
  4. Lmfletcher

    Day 19 ! First timer

    Hello, I’m new here and have been following the forum for years but never posted. You all seem so lovely so hoping for some advice and reassurance. i currently have 6 eggs in my mini Brinsea eco and we are on day 19! candled every few days cause I’m paranoid and always need to know they are...
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