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  1. Burbs

    Cornish X with back lesions.........(semi-graphic)

    I haven't seen this before. It appears to begin with one of the veins on their backs turning dark and progresses to an open sore and finally scabs over. They are six weeks old and seem to be putting on weight well and act normal. About half of the birds are exhibiting these lesions in...
  2. Burbs

    Posting in "text"

    Am I the only one that HATES this? Please stop.
  3. Burbs

    Combine an order of Freedom Rangers in SE Idaho

    I am going to place an order for 50 chicks in April. Is anyone interested in combining orders to bump up to the 100 chick price? Let me know in the next little while. Their hatch dates are filling fast.
  4. Burbs

    All things pork

    We had our three little piggies butchered right at Christmas time. The main reason we did pigs was to have the opportunity to process all of the meat ourselves. I wanted to start this thread to share some of the successful recipes that we have tried so far and to gather recipes and info from...
  5. Burbs

    Best silkies for meat

    I would really like to raise some silkies for meat next year. The idea of traditional methods of cooking and ingredients has always intrigued me. I don't want to start a flame war over this, I am truly interested. Does anyone have a good source for meat quality silkies?
  6. Burbs

    Todays Harvest

    Bagged and ready for the freezer. Those shrink bags are wonderful!!!
  7. Burbs

    Cornish X's are getting a bad rap.

    I am at a loss as to why there are so many "horror" stories about the poor old Cornish X. I just wanted to post this to vent my frustrations and dispel some of the myths. 1. Cornish crosses will not forage. Started out young on grass they will forage. Reducing the amount of food available...
  8. Burbs

    Mystery chicken

    Ok, I have searched the web and browsed everything that I could find here. This one has me stumped. She came form a mixed flock but four of them look the same. What breed/mix is this?
  9. Burbs


    Ok.............this is kind of cool. The chickens decided it was time to retire at about 7:15 tonight. Really odd since they don't usually go to bed until around 9ish or so. Anyway, went out to lock them up thinking I might as well take advantage of the situation and the song birds were going...
  10. Burbs

    Red wine vinegar instead of ACV?

    Has anyone used raw unfiltered red wine vinegar for their chickens instead of ACV. We have been making RWV for years and typically pasteurize and filter it for our own use. I don't know if the sulfites and tannins in the wine would be an issue for the chickens. Just curious.
  11. Burbs

    Cornish X are sneezing. Bedding problem?

    I have 20 Cornish X chicks in a brooder right now. They keep sneezing. There does not seem to be any other odd conditions, very active, eating a ton etc.... The bedding that I am using is from a local mill and seemed to be a little more fragrant than the typical bedding that I have been...
  12. Burbs

    Kimball's Whizbang plucker book needs a new home.

    Finished building mine this spring. I really do not have a use for it anymore. Just post a reply with your bid and highest gets it at the end of 7 days (June 5). Paypal would be best, PM me if you need other options before you bid. I'll send it out media mail $3 flat rate for the continental US.
  13. Burbs

    Updated tractor pics

    This is the finished tractor from Fuzzy_Chicks original post. No chickens living here yet, still in the brooder. The wheel/lever mechanism seems to be working really well. The only mod I made was to move the hooks higher up on the frame of the tractor. When the wheels were racked into place...
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