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  1. kitchwitch

    Does anyone know how to make an 18th century style bed canopy?

    Is it just four poster, or do you have dowels connecting all four corners? If you have rods to connect all four corners I'd buy some drapes and modify them so they can be hung on shower curtain holders.
  2. kitchwitch

    Raising Ducks For Beginners

    The whole of idea of making money in livestock depends on where you live. not just for market reasons, but for legality issues as well. If you live in a state that regulates EVERYTHING you're not going to be able to sell your eggs without a license and you sure as heck aren't going to be able...
  3. kitchwitch

    too many males?

    it's official...I have all males (5 total). :-( With nary a female in sight, will these guys continue to get along over winter until I can provide them with female companionship? They're 7 months old and they love sleeping in a big pile NEXT to their duck house, they enjoy swimming in their...
  4. kitchwitch

    Buckeyes for meat

    Question for those that have raised buckeyes, when do you typically harvest them for meat? I am thinking of getting into Buckeyes next year, so I was wondering what the typical grow-out is on these dual-purpose birds.
  5. kitchwitch

    Possible drake?

    I just moved this from the duck forum. I wasn't sure if gender questions regarding ALL fowl should be posted here or not. I've had the worst day ever (my rooster, Hemingway, died this morning)and 5 minutes ago I looked in on my ducks and I had to do a double-take because I saw a curly...
  6. kitchwitch


    I bought the halloween oreos today. :-) that's about as far as it goes for me. DH and I don't have kids, and we get no trick or treaters so we don't decorate at all.
  7. kitchwitch

    Oh Craigslist, You Amuse Me So!

    Lemon Tree - $50 Date: 2011-09-01, 2:59PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 4 yr old lemon tree. It's 3' 7" tall. Interested email me _____________________________________ A 4 foot tall Lemon tree for $50? does it give golden lemons? is it going to take me out for a night on the...
  8. kitchwitch

    This person makes me wonder?

    when I get responses like this I just bin them. I got a lot of weird responses when I was selling my extra ducks this spring. People that can't write grammatically, or are too vague for my liking will not get a response from me. If English isn't your first language the first phrase you should...
  9. kitchwitch

    Please delete

    I'm going to repost this in the "what gender" thread.
  10. kitchwitch

    chicken scale...

    I use a walmart kitchen scale with a laundry basket on top to weigh my meat chickens.
  11. kitchwitch

    WTB Ancona Drake(s)

    I'm looking to purchase an adult Ancona drake (or 2) for my flock. I am currently the worst duck breeder in the world; I managed to sell all of my males I'm preferably looking for a chocolate male, but a black drake will also be welcome. I can pick up in the SW PA area, or, if you are willing...
  12. kitchwitch

    Should I cull her? Hen pecked BADLY **graphic images**

    I've never had any issue when integrating new chickens before now, typically they spend 2 weeks living in the covered part of the run in a cage of hardware cloth, so they're fully exposed to the sounds and smells of flock life. Then I let them have several days of supervised "getting to know...
  13. kitchwitch

    Dying ducks and maggots in their vent

    Quote: I'm sorry but I have to humbly disagree. In livestock (any animal really) flystrike is caused by fly larvae feeding on an animal's living tissue. It is very common in sheep because they can borrow into the wool without a farmer ever noticing until the sheep are sheared and they've...
  14. kitchwitch

    anyone ever have a egg bound hen survive? ***updated***

    Cleaned her bottom thrice daily along with olive oil "injections" I could palpate the egg inside her, so I just kept putting some olive oil up there and in within 2 days she laid a massive egg.
  15. kitchwitch

    Should I cull her? Hen pecked BADLY **graphic images**

    Went to check on the chickens today and I found a pullet I had added to the flock 3 days ago very badly injured. She's rather quiet, holding her eyes shut for a couple seconds here and there and probably in unspeakable pain. It looks like they've torn her skin right off. Is it going to...
  16. kitchwitch

    besides cornish x whats a good meatie

    I'm doing cornish crosses at the moment, they're my first meaties and I started small, with 8. I got them from the local TSC. I am planning on growing out 25 freedom rangers this fall, but I wanted to see if butchering my own chickens was for me, which is why I bought what was available at...
  17. kitchwitch

    Runty Duck Behavior

    I thought about adding something to the water, but she's drinking great and has an appetite. This morning she was up and running around with the rest of them and again, she was eating and drinking with gusto. Really, I just wanted some other opinions for my mother in law's sake. If an animal...
  18. kitchwitch

    Runty Duck Behavior

    I have 11 ducks, one of which is smaller than the rest. At 7 weeks of age she's about 1/2-3/4 the size of her hatchmates and is very quiet. All the other ducks run around in a big group and she's always last in line. While the others eat and drink, she stands back quietly and watches until...
  19. kitchwitch

    ?'s bout duck diapers

    Oh my gosh! I need one so I can bring Darkwing to the pet store!
  20. kitchwitch

    When can my growign chickes be palced with the other hens?

    I usually integrate at 8-10 weeks, at night, when everyone is sleeping. This is after a few days of separated viewing. I have one hen I need to put in with the big girls soon and when I had her in her clear bin next to the run, my rooster kept trying to bring her food. it was cute.
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