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  1. Gonzalezfam

    Picked up a free Roo today, it needed re-homing

    legs look pinkish pale in the pic, a lot of motion still pic would be better looks like a hatchery silver cuckoo marans or at least a cross, if the legs have a slight yellowish color it’s a cross of something barred with single comb
  2. Gonzalezfam

    Is it a maran ? Can someone tell me the right name of this breed because in my country it has multiple names 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Looked a bit younger in the picture definitely pullet, barred rocks are one of my favorite birds
  3. Gonzalezfam

    Cockadoodle Blue Farms from Washington!

    Awesome my girls and wife said this weekend will message for sure!!! We’re only 2 hrs away
  4. Gonzalezfam


  5. Gonzalezfam

    Thank you her name is gorgeous she’s an American staffordshire terrier.

    Thank you her name is gorgeous she’s an American staffordshire terrier.
  6. Gonzalezfam

    Is it a maran ? Can someone tell me the right name of this breed because in my country it has multiple names 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Plymouth barred rock in the U.S. other countries referred to as American rock, am rock, am barred rock but definitely that breed looks like maybe a cockerel too, how old is you chick?
  7. Gonzalezfam

    Cockadoodle Blue Farms from Washington!

    Hello I’m located on the peninsula are you selling only hatching eggs or birds as well, also will pick up be available?
  8. Gonzalezfam

    25 weeks today Black Australorps still not laying?

    Took mine 32 weeks to start laying, squatted for about 2 weeks before, like I would just walk up to them and they were already squatting type squat, should be soon good luck, the anticipation is the worst but once they lay its well worth the wait!! :thumbsup
  9. Gonzalezfam

    New chicken owners

    :welcome A pic would be good a lot of members are very knowledgeable on all aspects of farm pets and more..The rehoming section is good to post on if your pet is a rooster:oops: ( hope not), agin welcom🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉
  10. Gonzalezfam

    Any Gamers Here?

    So you playing on a server not a console, I never really got into computers thought about it lots of people say it’s better and faster what other games u play? Gonna hit this pillow with my noggin, maybe we can play sometime!!:caf
  11. Gonzalezfam

    Any Gamers Here?

    Psssh I build the real stuff all day no Minecraft, help my girls with homework, help my wife with dinner tend to my chickens at 5 am,noon, and three times after 4 pm, feed and walk my dog and still kick kiddy butt on fortnite :wee
  12. Gonzalezfam

    Any Gamers Here?

    Oooo I love Zelda how bout a 3DO ever played it ( way before Dreamcast ) right now fortnite, ori, ghosts, bout done with ori, fortnite it’s hard to come to terms with trash talking 8 and 7 year olds if they were mine, I won’t say here but well, not their fault!! First system Atari, game robotron
  13. Gonzalezfam

    Cabbage is bad for chickens?

    I’ve read tomatoes too because they are part of the night shade family, I guess every thing in excess is bad for anyone even our chickens even some of the grains in feeds.
  14. Gonzalezfam

    Americana Roos or Hens? Six months old

    Mine are 37 weeks been laying for bout 3 1/2 weeks one started laying 2 days ago 4 Easter egger a I also have 2 blue ameraucanas 36 weeks old one started laying 5 days ago shouldn’t be much longer hope you get some good looking eggs got these today
  15. Gonzalezfam

    Size difference

    When my bsl star laid her first egg it was nice red brown her sixth egg was small speckled all the eggs in the pic are hers all different shades this is one of hers now very constant layer size varies from large to xl all same color now
  16. Gonzalezfam

    Your bird pictures are needed!

    Cuckoo marans Black australorp Easter egger
  17. Gonzalezfam

    What Do You Drive, Ride or Fly? Picture chat thread!

    Wife using my truck gotta go to work in Speedy
  18. Gonzalezfam

    What the heck is Brenda?!

    I got 3 and all lay the same, production crosses sex linked means u can tell sex as chickies, good luck beautiful sheen on their feathers my wife said they were ugly as chicks but loves their colors now that their grown
  19. Gonzalezfam

    What the heck is Brenda?!

    Black sexlink this is Violet comb turned red as it got bigger, also a pic of her eggs ( always large to extra large and everyday
  20. Gonzalezfam

    How do Isterilize a used coop?

    This is the one I use only the smaller container has a measuring compartment there is a less concentrated one mentioned in the uses article I added. It works great my grandpa used the one I use for his cattle goats and horses for monthly bathing also I do use diatomaceous earth in crevices (...
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