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  1. Gonzalezfam

    Jumbo eggs got me worried!!

    My bsl has been laying everyday bout 2 months. Lately she’s been laying jumbo eggs for a week and I am worried any advice or consolation. Thanx everyone
  2. Gonzalezfam

    Hoping for a blue one!!!!

    Got this egg from star ,(Bsl) egg #10 the only One of 20 that’s not a free loader this morning cheeky (ee)beat her to her favorite box!!!! Here’s hoping for a blue one, green one, or just one less freeloader!!😁😐🐓
  3. Gonzalezfam

    Same pullet layed speckled and non speckled?

    One of my pullets layed am egg yesterday ( first egg, pic and layed ) nice and clean medium size, today she laid a speckled egg ( second egg pic and layed ) I didn’t think it was possible, pullet is a black star, 19+ weeks first one laying from a flock of 20. Kinda stumped will she lay...
  4. Gonzalezfam

    19 weeks one day egg #1

    No chicken noodle soup in this house! 19 weeks one day my black sexlink star laid first egg of 20 pullets 🤩 Here’s a pick next to a store bought white egg!
  5. Gonzalezfam

    Roos? 2 leghorns

    Hey guys I’ve been watching my chicks grow they are now 6 weeks and I got some suspects in my hen house 2 leghorns and a barred rock, hope you can help here’s some pics... Sunny with the pinker comb ( back ground) Sol lighter comb ( pointier tail) Marbell is the barred rock
  6. Gonzalezfam

    Australorp or Sex-Link

    I got 3 at 2 1/2 weeks now 4 1/2 weeks? Can someone help i.d ?
  7. Gonzalezfam

    Americana or ee?

  8. Gonzalezfam


    I bought 3 ameraucanas and 3 leghorns, this gal began changing color to a buff and has earmuffs...
  9. Gonzalezfam

    Chicken fever

    👋🏼 To all
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