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  1. BrendaJune


    My daughter gave me her four chickens the end of May 2020. They had just started laying. We were getting four eggs a day the first month and it has now taper down to three a day since then. The whole time I've had these chicken one of them has had regular diarrhea. I asked my daughter about...
  2. BrendaJune

    First chickens ever!

    We have been working on our chicken run for a year. It wasn't quite finished when my daughter informed us that she and her family were moving to North Carolina from California. She has four chickens that just started laying and she can't keep them. My husband said we would take them so the...
  3. BrendaJune

    Old feed

    What is the shelf life of chicken feed? My daughter gave me a huge bag of feed as a gift when she heard we wanted chickens but we were nowhere near ready for them. We are still building the run! I have had the feed for a year stored in a food grade blue barrel in the garage. Should I just...
  4. BrendaJune

    Chicken Run Design Questions

    We are in the middle of building our chicken run. Our coop is inside a run that is about 16' x 16'. Should the door to the run open in or out or does it matter? My husband wants to build the run with half the roof being solid and the other half with only 1/4 hardware cloth. I don't think it...
  5. BrendaJune

    Planning for chickens

    I'm new to this site and new to chickens. I don't have any yet but we have lots of room (20 acres) and lots of plans. We are looking at different coop designs, placement and cost. We have lots of coyote, racoon, sometimes mountain lion and bear so protection is a big concern. I would like the...
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